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  • N. Stoebick "The King" - Tuscan whole milk hath destroyed ZeusTo my amazement, when walking through Attiko Metro one beautiful spring afternoon, I witnessed perfection for the first time in my extensive stay here on Earth. As I walked along the splendid metro listening to Sondra Radvanovsky on my iPod, I witnessed a passing hawker carrying delicate dairy delights on his way to Kabul. As I squinted my eyes and focused in on the striking street vendor valiantly speeding by, I observed an expertly veiled parcel tucked between his arm and torso. It sparkled with a splendid light which seemed to manipulate the matter around it. As I glanced at the beautiful spectacle, I noticed a few words written on what appeared to be a white plastic jug: "Tuscan Whole Milk". I stared, unwavering and never once breaking stride or averting my eyes away from this astounding milky miracle. As I stared intently upon the magical jug, I mistakenly walked into traffic and was struck by a passing Volvo Penta traveling at 97.5 km/h. I was immediately knocked into a coma, but luckily the hawker had observed the altercation and hastily sped to my rescue. Upon reaching my mangled, comatose-induced corpse, the Afghan salesman proceeded to pour a single drop of the miracle liquid directly onto my tongue. As soon as the droplet collided with my tongue, I saw angels flying, a leopard wrestling a Chinese midget, as well as a sweaty Middle-Eastern man holding a glorious Tuscan Whole Milk jug straddle his aluminum horse and continue on his way into the dense Greek metro. From that day forward, I would sip only a single creamy beverage; Tuscan Whole Milk. Now I must go spar with Chuck Norris in an alternate universe where we swim in mystical lakes of Tuscan Whole Milk chilled to a perfect 44 Fahrenheit.
  • B.G. Maryland - The One-Minute Cure is a vital read for everyone young or oldThe One-Minute Cure, opened my eyes to the important issue of making sure that the body gets an adequate supply of oxygen and if we rely on simply breathing in the normal air, our bodies becomes susceptible to disease. Since reading the book and applying the information, I am experiencing more energy, I sleep so much better and my overall health has greatly improved. My body is not as achy as it had been.

    I have been taking the prescribed doses of the 35% Hydrogen Peroxide three times a day and I don't want to miss taking it. I highly recommend that you buy this book and apply the principles so that you can experience what I have.
  • D. Mckinzie - The product of a truly gifted writerWhat can you say about any book in the Mitford series that hasn't already been said? Jan Karon never fails to amaze me. She has the ability to take a "religious subject" and turn it into a great read for anyone, whether they are Christian or not. And you learn to love all her characters and feel like you know them. I've often liked, or even loved, one character in a book and maybe even most of the characters, but never before have I felt that I love the whole book (and thus the whole town) -- even the unloveable -- and also know them all personally. These books all have an almost "Lake Woebegone" feeling to them, and yet they are not copycats of anyone's work. Dive into Mitford; you'll love Father Tim and his town!
  • katy v - Best Hyaluronic Acid product!Skinceutical hydrating b5 gel is the best hyaluronic acid serum on the market today. Ive tried quite a few out and none come close to this one. Absorbs quickly into the skin and leave skin feeling supple and hydrated after. Just be sure to put a moisturizer on AFTER you apply this. It will make your moisturizer work a million times better without leaving your skin feeling greasy...I PROMISE. Try it, you'll be hooked for life.
  • BioHazard - Ipad RocksI always used Android tablets for both work and personal, but just switched to the IPad mini . This was one of the best choice of my life. It was one of the most easiest tablets to learn by far and has everything I needed for both work and personal. I would recommend this to everyone for everything from personal, school and work.