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  • John Duncan - Perhaps the best of a superb seriesThis is the fourth of Edward Tufte's books on the graphical display of information, and one might fear that he might be stretching the point too far and running out of ideas. One would be wrong, however, because this is a wonderful book, and is possibly the best of the four. It is a must-have, must-read, must-understand, must-apply sort of book. No one who is seriously interested in preparing illustrations for conveying information can afford to be unfamiliar with Tufte's ideas.

    Inevitably there is some overlap with the earlier books, but this is deliberate policy, not carelessness. As Tufte makes clear, it is better to repeat information than to expect readers to hunt for it somewhere else. Many potentially useful books have been rendered much more difficult to use than they ought to be, at worst by gathering together the artwork in one place, far away from the text that it relates to, or, slightly less bad, by failing to ensure that it appears on the same double-page spread as its accompanying text. Tufte doesn't even believe in referring to tables and figures by numbers, because he considers that any illustration can just be introduced with "here" or "in this example", etc., if it is properly placed. This is what he practises himself, but the technical demands of commercial publishers will make it difficult advice to follow, unfortunately. However, with modern computer-based publishing it ought to become easy in the future if enough pressure is put on publishers. If Galileo could integrate all of his diagrams into his text, why can we not do that now, with far more technical aids at our disposal than were available to him?

    The main new idea that appears in Beautiful Evidence is the description of sparklines: small, data-intense, word-like graphics -- word-like in the sense that a sparkline can appear right in the middle of a sentence, but can contain the equivalent of hundreds of numbers. Sparklines are ideal for conveying time series, such as a series of blood-glucose measurements for a diabetes patient. With suitable shading they can indicately instantly whether the measurements fall within the normal ranges.

    Tufte's short pamphlet about the presentation software PowerPoint, previously available as a separate publication, now appears as a chapter in Beautiful Evidence. His main points are that PowerPoint slides are typically so low in information-content that they insult the audiences they are directed towards, and that bulleted lists of slogans are just a pretence at supplying real arguments.

    Charles Joseph Minard's map of Napoleon's invasion of Russia already played a prominent role in the first book in the series, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, and it reappears here, with a whole chapter devoted to analysing it. This is space well used, because to emulate Minard it is essential to go beyond a casual appreciation of his work as excellent; it demands a careful analysis of what it is that makes it excellent.
  • Christine Smith - Nothing else worked!This was purchased for my 13 year old daughter. She has tried everything including proactive, prescription topical medication, prescription pills plus anything and everything you could buy at the drug store. It has been 4 weeks and every day is a little better than the day before. Her break outs were so bad that it looked painful. Her cheeks, chin and forehead were covered with break outs. Now she just has some scarring that will need time to heal. But she no longer wears make up because her face is clear enough to not need it.
  • patreg59 - Great bed step!Purchased AMP Research Bed Step for my new 2012 Tundra, watched the installation video online, installed it myself, and I love it! Installation is quick and easy. Quality and finish are excellent. Easily folds down at a good angle to step up onto the bumper or tailgate. Easily folds up flush against the left side of the bumper so that you hardly notice its there, but it still looks good. This is really a first class product.
  • R. Chou "Simple Method Basic Design" - To The Point Easy Read Marketing Strategy BookZAG while everyone else ZIGS would be the headline to this wonderful marketing strategy book. This book is every bit as concise and to the point there is to exploring business strategy on creating a brand.

    The author purposely made the book a short read and I appreciate it. It takes out a lot of extra useless information and retains exactly what is needed. Great examples, great references for further study and letting you, the reader know, that your business strategy needs to be sharp and focused like a sword.

    There are concepts in this book for all businesses from established brands looking to innovate to businesses looking to grow and for the entrepreneur.

    If your interested in learning more about brand identity and strategy, this is the perfect book as a starting point for all.
  • John Keitz - A Nice Upgrade from Earlier VersionsI've been using Office from the beginning. Consequently, I still work on computers with Office 2000 and 2003 (at work), while using 2007, 2010, and now 2013 at home. Like most people, I found the greatest leap forward (or backward depending on your opinion) occurred between 2003 and 2007. 2007 to 2010 was almost an indistinguishable change and certainly not worth the cost. 2013 is a marginal upgrade, but much more of an upgrade over 2010 than 2010 was over 2007.

    First there is the upgrade process. Since this was a keycard install, it has to download the software first. This took nearly three hours over a 10 MPS Internet service. The program even warned me that it was taking longer than expected due to my "slow Internet connection," even though I tested it out at Speedtest while this was going on and got a result of 12 MPS at the time. Unless they expect you to be installing this in South Korea, EVERYONE will have a "slow Internet connection"!

    Three hours later, I had Office 2013 ready to use. Unfortunately, I still had Office 2010 on there too. One of my main complaints about the Office 2010 installer was that unless you told it otherwise, it happily removed all of your Office 2007 components, even if you weren't installing their replacements (I was installing 2010 Home to go with 2007 Pro. It decided that I didn't need Access anymore, so it removed my Access 2007 and replaced it with the trial for Access 2010.). Now they decide to go full stupid the other way. I uninstalled all parts of Office 2010, and got started with 2013.

    This is where things got good. All of the components of Office 2013 load up MUCH faster than their 2010 counterparts. No more watching splash screens waiting to get to work. Click then work. Just what Office should be. Next, you get to the cloud aspect of the program. In this version, your cloud files are saved with Skydrive. I had been using Google Drive with Office 2010, but Skydrive is quicker and better integrated. Of course, you do have a 7 GB limit here. You have to be careful, though, since you can save a file to the cloud or your drive, but not both. You can save a copy to your drive, but it would be nice if you could work, save, and have the file update in both places simultaneously. (It doesn't help that our Internet filter at work blocks Skydrive as a "file sharing site" so I have to use local save only).

    Office 2013 is a nice upgrade and worth it for the speed alone. If you have shelled out the bucks for 2010, you might want to save your money on this one. If you are still using 2007 or earlier, now is the time for an upgrade. If you are on Windows 8, now is definitely the time to make the move to Office 2013!