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  • Lance B. Wilkins - Great for Small BusinessI have been recommending QuickBooks to clients for years. It is easy to use and users have benefitted from the addition of new features each year as the product has become more and more robust.

    There are several new features in QuickBooks 2012. Depending on how QuickBooks users work and which parts of the program they use, each person will have a different favorite. Two of the features I see affecting the most people are the new To Do Notes and the new Doc Center.

    The To Do Notes have been improved so that there are a variety of types, Task, Phone Call, Email ... . It is also possible to set deadlines, sort, attach to a name list entry like a Customer or Vendor.

    It has been possible to save documents electronically with QuickBooks for a couple of years. In 2011 the feature was available for an extra fee and included an online option for saving documents. For 2012, it no longer costs extra and the documents are electronically saved locally, not to an online server. This is really a great feature. More QuickBooks users should be using it.
  • greeneyes62 - Lost 2.2 lbs yea yea yea!I have been taking these pills for only 2 day and have lost a couple of pounds without exercise or changing the way I eat. The seller is also wonderful, there was some mixup with my order but they took care of thing immediately. I will be purchasing these pills again from this seller
  • Claire - Love this stuff!I don't have terrible acne, but I have never not had a pimple on my face. I have used ProActiv before and found that all it did was dry out my skin (even with the moisturizer) and leave it red and irritated. Then, I tried the store brand AcneFree and I did not see any change in my skin with that. I have been using Exposed for exactly one month now and I have seen a noticeable change in the quality of my skin, the look of my skin and the number and severity of blemishes. It first brought out some acne that was under the skin and my face worsened a little but then that cleared and the smaller bumps Ive had under the surface forever it seems have also gone away! I love these products and would recommend them to anyone!
  • B. F. Diggins Jr. - Quicken Deluxe 2011 Financial SoftwareI purchased this product as an upgrade to the Quicken 2006 version. Since I primarily use the product as an electronic tracking/reconciling tool for my household income and expenses, most of the extensive banking and investing features are not utilized. However, I have found that the 2011 update includes a revised check entry and saving features that is more efficient than the earlier version.

    The 2011 version also includes more graphical displays for monthly financial data that quickly enhance your awareness of where your expenditures (as a percentage of the total amount) occurred. The revised hardcopy prints complement the archival process of your financial records.