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  • Angela Anderson - An exciting adventure with a Sherlock Holmes twist!This book is a must read for those who are familiar with the classic, and those who are new to the story line who enjoy a suspenseful read with a great plot. This book reenacts a classic in a fun and easy read that is sure certain to entertain readers across the board. Sherlock Holmes offers the a realistic and believable set of characters that the reader creates a bond with-I couldn't wait to turn the page and see what was going to happen to poor Edmond next!
    Be prepared, you won't be able to put it down!
  • Alan McGaughey - love the heck out of my new asus t prime!!!Been waiting for months to find one of these. I lucked out and found one locally. I read all the hype, and was looking for a mind blowing piece of hardware. Well, the Prime is everything I hoped it would be, and more. I'm a tech nerd so I'm hard o please. And I am very pleased.

    The tegra 3 processor is a winner! Extremely fast. This machine is not really a quad core... IT'S A FIVE C0RE!! Four performance cores and companion core which takes care of a lot of the system overhead.

    The display is super crisp and clear, displaying stunning, extremely smooth and fast graphics. Water physics is unbelievably lifelike on the Prime.

    Super thin and very light.
    Yes, it has one External speaker, but the sound is very good and if I want louder, I use earplugs.

    Plenty of apps, games are wonderful on this beast. I also installed Ice Cream Sandwich with no probs.

    I have had no problems with GPS or wifi. Everything worked perfect right out of the box.

    I also downloaded an app which let me tether the tablet to my Samsung charge so I have internet access anywhere I need it.

    ASUS has been of of my favorite tech companies for many years, and they hit a major home run with the Transformer Prime.
  • josh_galindo - All you could hope for!This item did exactly what it was supposed to do without issue. The quality of the part itself is no different than what Apple would use and te kit even comes with all necessary tools and instructions. Adding a second hard drive to my brand new Mac Mini was totally worth it and made possible by this one item. A+