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  • Gilby Mitnick III Jr. - Barack Say Buy Diz Here Book, Playa!I like fair and balanced books like Double Down because it has no agenda at all like what you normally read from the conservative media such as the Huffington Post and MSNBS. The author, Mark Halperin, actually showed up on O'Reilly's No-Spin Zone yesterday, so you know he was threatened to have his mic cut several times over, miha!

    Double Down is rad because it told me everything I didn't know about the 2012 election that the conservative media hid from me. For instance, Halperin and Hellman expose the fact that Obama started worshipping Saul Alinksy and channeled his dead spirit, which infused his campaign with the extremely negative, Chicago-style tactics of personal destruction that Obama used to trick a slight plurality of Americans yet again into voting for him! Wow, ese! Wow! All this time, I just thought Obama was being elected because he was half-black and MTV kept telling me to vote for him!!!

    Folks, buy this book from Amazon right now if you want a fair and balanced look at Election 2012. It will shock you more than the fact that Obama lied to all Americans by promising them that they could keep their health insurance even after Obamacare became law (although Obama's spinning it now to trick Americans into believing that he really meant only up until Obamacare actually became law). So buy it, and don't be a hater of socialists and people from Kenya!
  • M. Bell - Works great!I have a Kindle Fire and think this will totally replace it, plus. I especially like the fact I can listen to my audio books, search the web and use it for my email. It doesn't replace my laptop as it's keyboard is much more awkward, but I expected that. I would totally recomment it to someone who just wants a good tablet without spending big dollars.
  • betzw - unadvertised bonusHere is an added, unadvertised bonus of the 571: I make banana splits, which requires slicing a banana lengthwise. I lay the 571 across two tall glasses and press the pointy end of the banana down through it, between the glasses, right onto a bowl of ice cream. If you don't have two tall glasses, buy a plantain.