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  • Sean O. "Seanzky" - The orchids odor gets nauseating after a whileAside from the odor, these really work. Whether you're an athlete cutting weight or you're just trying to get rid of fat and water weight, this is for you. What I do is I put this all over my body (from the neck down), wear an old t-shirt, boxers, put a girdle on, wear running tights (top and bottom) and then put a hoodie on and go for a long run. By the time I get home, my clothes have more than doubled their weight and I'm at least 3 lbs. lighter.
  • Kari Hartman - After 10 months use--1st and Final Review: FanstaticI have used the Wen Cleansing Conditioner (Lavender) for 10 months and have found Wen does exactly what it claims. However, this is one important note that should be considered.

    I have medium long hair that is processed to a light beige blond ( after years of being bleached I have stepped down to partial foiling) and I find the Wen Cleansing Conditioner works fantastically; I massage a decent amount into my hair and leave on about 10 minuets (good time to shave) then use somewhat cool water to raise. The texture immediately feels smoother, silky, and easier to run my fingers or a comb through.

    The first and second days after I use Wen (I wash every 3 days--any more than that is too drying) my hair looks an styles very well, the volume and body is fantastic and frizz is smoothed. On the 3rd day, I notice my hair feels more more oily, so another Wen Cleansing is required. After 4-5 weeks I've decided to use a clarifying shampoo to wash my hair (something without sulfates) and then after that single wash the next time I use Wen it feels just like the first time all over again, my hair is beyond soft and silky and just as amazing as the first time. So this is my new prescription for my Wen use.

    One last thing, my hairstylist has noticed my hair is more healthy and the texture more soft, and it grows much more quickly with less split ends. This is due to exactly to my use of Wen over the last 10 months. All in all, I can't live without Wen but I do need to remind my hair ever 4-5 weeks or so that it is very lucky to have it.
  • Shelleyrae - What would you do?I first learned about The Returned when I attended the Harlequin Summit in February and I have been waiting impatiently for its release ever since. Jason Mott's debut novel poses explores a compelling premise, what if the people you once loved, and lost, come back?

    Nearly fifty years after Harold and Lucille's son drowned tragically on his eighth birthday, Jacob is Returned to them having been found alongside a river bank in China. Their son is just one of many who have returned from the dead, as bewildered by their resurrection as are the 'True Living', with no memory of their passing or their absence.

    The world is torn, are the Returned a miracle or a sign of 'the end of days'? An infection or a blessing? People or monsters? While some welcome the reunion with their loved ones, others shun them. Fear, jealousy, even resentment and regret amongst some of the 'True Living' engenders outbreaks of protests and violence. The American government, unable to explain the phenomena, eventually responds by segregating The Returned, housing them in increasingly overcrowded guarded camps.

    The Hargraves' story of Jacob's Return is intertwined with tales from other Returned individuals including an artist whose fame came only posthumously, a cluster of Nazi soldiers, a family man and a girl murdered in war torn Sierra Leone. These snippets provide additional perspective and mystery.

    For some readers the lack of explanation about the how's and the why's of the Returned may be a source of frustration but I was pleased that Mott didn't attempt to make sense of it. There are more important questions to be asked and answered about 'faith and morality, love and responsibility', about humanity and the meaning of life. I was impressed by the way in which Mott navigated issues like religion and more prosaic concerns like the strain on resources resulting from a population explosion.

    The Returned is a remarkable, captivating read and its questions will haunt you long after you have turned the last page. If your loved one was Returned to you, what would you do?
  • Louis Schulte "Louis Schulte" - I'm a Mac user, but I appreciate the Value of this Software!Needless to say Apple has a extensive, very effective set of Software Applications that frankly I prefer to use,, but unfortunately much of the business world still operates with Microsoft Office. In order to share various Documents it was a no brainer... The Office Suite provides everything I need......Especially and most importantly when sharing information.