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  • P. McKenzie - Just beautiful!This lovely book is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. No surprise, as Susan Branch is (and has been for years) one of my very favorite authors and illustrators. I have her artwork framed throughout my home, have every one of her books/cookbooks (even her address book) and have saved every calendar for over ten years. This book, however, surprised even me. My hubby and I visited England for the first time last year and were totally enchanted by the Cotswold's. This book makes me long to return - she did a fantastic job from start to finish, capturing the essence of that lovely countryside and adding her own personality in comments and captions. A bigger endeavor than any of her other publications, she did a super job. Love it!!
  • birdlover - It REALLY does shorten time from outbreak to healed!!!I've had cold sores in the past, usually 1 or 2 outbreaks a year. I just woke up last Wednesday (day 1) and had a swollen, tingly upper lip--yup, another outbreak. I went and picked up a tube of Abreva at a local drugstore in a moment of desperation on Thursday (day 2), as I'd never tried it before, but figured since it was around $20, it must do something. The swelling was noticeably better after 12 hours! By Saturday evening (day 4) all that was left of the outbreak was a red spot where the blister had been, with no more weeping or swelling. This stuff REALLY WORKS!! No, it's not a cure, but it made my outbreak last only 4 days compared to a week or longer just trying to get by on OTC lip moisturizers or Neosporin (to prevent a secondary bacterial infection). I'd definitely recommend this stuff to anyone with cold sores. Now that I have my little tube, I'll be ready to try it immediately when the next outbreak starts. A miracle in a tube and worth the price! Remember to wash hands before and after applying the cream. Rub it in gently and the white will not be noticeable at all.
  • Karen Daguanno - On my way to the job of my dreams!!This binder is going to be an awesome way to get the word out to prospective employers that I am a woman with the qualifications they are looking for! And by adding those Wilson Jones Insertable Binder Tab Dividers, 8 Tab Multicolor (W54311A) by ACCO, I can really highlight my experience, skills, education, publications and references. To think that for all these years I have been held back by sending my CV in just a Columbian CO790 9x12-Inch Clasp Brown Kraft Envelopes, 100 Count when what I really needed to blast past those other applicants was some snappy vinyl and three shiny rings!!
  • Ricardo - Great vacuumHave only had for about two weeks but love it. I was advised that Dyson vacuums were not recommended for many carpets because they would "burn" carpet fibers, maybe because of their weight and strong suction. This vacuum (DC44) is very light and as such does not appear to have this problem. Very effective. Only issue is dumping the bin is a source of dust. Also, the filter need to be periodically cleaned.