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  • Troy A. Martin "Troy" - Excellent Bag for anyone that travels for workLet me start by saying the I am a Field Services Consultant for a software company so I spend 95% of my time either traveling to a location or on location as opposed to being in the office. I am writing this review after traveling with this bag for a month.

    10 Reasons I like this bag:
    1. Lightweight & not bulky. Perfectly fits my 13 inch Macbook Pro. I use a sleeve for my Macbook and the laptop compartment fits the sleeve + 13 laptop perfectly. I went with the medium size version as I wanted a bag that I can carry down the airplane isle w/o hitting everyone seated in the head.
    2. TSA compliant so I can just unzip and lay flat on the belt. No need to remove my laptop at security.
    3. Tons of zipper storage so if my bag gets bounced around a bit in the overhead storage, I don't have to go digging my my travel accessories. I have a compartment for my flash drives. A compartment for my Overdrive Wifi Card. A compartment for my travel expense receipts and a compartment for my Magic Mouse as well as charging accessories. What is the saying " A place for everything and everything in its place".
    4. Tons of interior storage for bigger items. Worst thing you can do is buy a bag with a bunch of little pockets and find that it doesn't have enough storage for documents and etc. Not the case here. I have tons of room for hardcopies and my Garmin.
    5. I didn't buy this bag for the Napoleon pocket but I am glad it is there. I use for anything that I want quick access to such as gum, chap stick, business card wallet and rental car keys. At security I put my iphone in it as opposed to placing it in the bin. Less stuff you put in the bin, the less stuff you have to take out.
    6. Separate storage at the bottom of the bag for my power cord and it has enough room to fit a 6 foot VGA cord.
    7. Shoulder strap is much more comfortable than my last bag. It comes with a velcro attached pad and you can adjust the strap to your comfort and how you want to wear it.
    8. Upper zipper for quick removal of you laptop. The "studded portion of the bag for the laptop storage doesn't offer much padding. But that is perfectly fine for me as it gives me the perfect area for my 13in Macbook in its sleeve. I just leave the sleeve unzipped so I can unzip the Timbuk2 bag and grab my laptop without having to mess with any buckles or what not. From bag to table in less than 3 seconds....
    9. It comes with a velcro pen holder and business card holder that you can setup how you like. The interior of the bag has straps that you can utilize to customize how you want the interior attachable pockets to be placed. My bag came with a pen pouch, a smaller pouch that I use for cards and a spare set of batteries as well as a larger pouch for miscellaneous items. I wound up not using the larger pouch simply because the bag has enough zipper pouches for my needs.
    10. Flexibility. I guarantee that no two people will set up their bag the same. This bag gives you flexibility to set it up your way. You can see I am all about separate compartments for all the travel gadgets. Maybe you just want to toss everything in the main compartment. In short, the bag is flexible.

    I can't talk to durability yet as again I have only had it a month but so far so good. I have been in traveling positions for the last 10 years or so and I have gone through more bags than I can count. I have to say that this one has been the most flexible to my to traveling needs. I would even recommend this bag for people that are in the road warrior category or even people that occasionally travel and want a bag that is good for the home to office commute. It professional looking enough for work but casual enough to take to the coffee shop.
  • Dulce - This product is working Excellent for me.Been taking this product for almost a month now and I wanted to wait until I saw some results before posting anything. So far I have lost several inches in my waist and Hip areas and I have been working out, (started out power walking but now doing power fitness classes) and really eating right. For me, It's not so much that this is a miracle pill but it just really helps curb those cravings. It also gives me energy too which I wasn't expecting since I thought it wasn't a stimulant. Nevertheless, I feel Great since I've been on it.
  • B. Savage - Threelac and FiveLac has helped our daughterJust a note to say thank you to the makers of Threelac. I have a 7 yr old daughter who was having a terrible time with growing and painful canker sores on her tongue. We couldn't find anything to work, and that's all she would talk about.

    Then a friend suggested that it could be froma result of candida yeast, and told us about Threelac. We were willing to try just about anything. In less than 1 box, her sores disappeared, she isn't miserable anymore, and we no longer feel powerless to help her.

    I don't know how it works, but Thank You. Now if you can help us find a her a pony, because now that is all she talks about.... : )