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  • Dana McNeely - A story set in Italy, Hollywood, and North IdahoWhen the dying actress steps off the fishing boat in Porto Vergogna, Italy, Pasquale Tursi, is tossing boulders into the ocean in an attempt to build up a beach beneath his family's empty pensione, the Hotel Adequate View. In what seems 'a burst of clarity after a lifetime's sleep', Pasquale realizes he is in love with her...or if not, with her...than with this moment. But the lovely American is in love with a Hollywood icon, a man whom she should not love. And besides, she is, well...dying.

    Walter manages the many points of view, changes of locale, and time shifts with effortless slight of hand, working in the thematic elements in the title with a deft touch. He is a master at portraying longing, humor, and pathos. He drags the reader with him, helpless to resist his siren call, across oceans, cultures, and time.

    A beautiful funny-sad story, masterfully told, with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor holding walk-on roles.
  • R. McCormack "My Two Blessings" - KissKiss really packs a punch from the very beginning. Shauna is very angry with her father, has found out some incriminating information and is going to confront him about it. As always, they get in an argument and she leaves angry. However, she wakes up 6 weeks later from a coma. She learns she had been in a car accident which left her with amnesia and her brother crippled for life. Her father and stepmother blame her entirely for the accident because they found drugs in her system, in the car and in her apartment. But she thinks that can't be right - she's never taken drugs. The only person she can trust is her boyfriend - whom she doesn't even remember.

    She decides to investigate the accident and try to recover her memories. But in the process she discovers something strange happening. She is having strange memories, not her own. She dreams of being a football player and being injured badly. Come to find out her boyfriend suffered a spinal injury while playing football. She dreams of being a soldier in war and discovers her boyfriend was in the war. Whenever she kisses her boyfriend, she ends up with one of his memories. And he losses his memory of the event. How is this happening? Is she somehow stealing memories.

    In the process of trying to discover what really happened the night of the accident, Shauna uses her ability to steal memories and ends up not knowing who to trust. Kiss is full of twist and turns and you're never quite sure who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. The story is a page turner and once you start reading, will keep right on until the very end. This is the first time collaboration for Ted Dekker and new author Erin Healy and it is very well done.

    I received Kiss courtesy of Thomas Nelson Publishing book review blogger program.
  • Carolyn - Norton Internet Security ReviewFirst computer I had was a Gateway in 2002 which I used Norton on and then changed to ZoneAlarm. Once I purchased a new HP in 2010, Norton came with a 15 month subscription free. It worked out pretty good and after doing a lot of research once it came time to renew not only once but twice I've decided to stay with Norton. This will be my 3rd. yr. in a row using Norton. So far so good.
  • Robert Hunter - Obviously not just any ordinary milk.So last July I was driving on my annual vacation from Las Vegas to Phoenix and with all of the comments I've read about this milk I decided to order some and take it along for the trip. I so do like a glass of the 'white' along with my tin of dolphin safe tuna sandwiches and watching my favorite DVD's from the driver's seat.

    Well, forgetful as I was and so involved in observing the beautiful sage brush and endless miles of desert, I forgot to fuel up at the last stop and now had too little fuel to turn around and go back. Obviously I was in a bad way. I mean...the milk and tuna fish sandwiches (Twelve gallons of milk and five dozen sandwiches) were going to go foul in the hot, July Arizona heat. Yuck!

    Then suddenly I saw this person walk up to my car from off in the distance. Looked like and old miner the way he was dressed. He didn't say anything, but pointed to one of the gallons of milk and then to the gas cap of my car. I glanced at the milk again and when I turned to look at him he had vanished. A mirage. Guess that's what happens in 120 degree heat.

    But then when I looked back into my car again I saw a really old two-gallon tank of gas where I was sure I'd never seen one before. It was full so I poured the gas into my car and there was enough to get me to the next town. As I fueled up and an old Texaco, the old station attendant saw the gas can and said, 'that's old Pete's gas can. You're lucky he found you.'

    I told the old man the whole story and he simply nodded. "Ol' Pete, ya see, he doesn't just do that for anyone." The old man winked and said, "it was the milk." When I got to Phoenix, I found that two of the gallons of milk were empty, just the jugs remaining.

    Thank you, Old Pete, you saved my life. And thanks to the makers of Tuscan Whole Milk. You saved me too. *Sniff!*
  • Sylwia Gazdzinska - The one and only!The best and easiest to use nasal aspirator for babies. I cannot part with it even during summer vacations because there is no such product on the market that is so effective in cleaning baby's nose. During severe cold season it saved my life and gave my son good night sleep with minimum "torture" which was holding him still for a moment to suck his nose. With little effort much goes. It works as a charm and does not harm a baby. My son even likes it. Finally I did not have to hold him still for an hour to clean his nose during cold, few seconds and job was done. Thank you!!