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Careers Vancouver, Washington (WA) - PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center - Southwest Washingotn Health System, in Vancouver, Washington, operates Southwest Washington Medical Center, Southwest Medical Group, Southwest Imaging, Healthy Steps Womens and Childrens Center and other health care services in Clark County, Washington. Southwest is a partner with Southwest Washington Regional Surgery Center.


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  • Susan M. Downin "grandma sue" - Saved me a lot of timeI purchashed a new Windows7 computer so my old 2004 Deluxe Quicken would not work on this computer. Therefore I purchased the Quicken Deluxe 2011 version and everything from my home and business accounts transfered completely. I had visions of having to redo my 2012 accounts, so this really saved me a lot of time.
  • Steven P Jewett - Meets my expectation and then some!This is my first tablet and I love the mobility and portability of the unit. The picture is sharp for the movies I download and the dropbox app lets me use this for work docs too. I needed something that would allow me to edit word docs and it can. I find the keyboard easy to use too. I'm glad I bought this.
  • Nina M BourBeau - Huge Quickbooks fan!I love Quickbooks & have used this program for 10 years. It is easy, I was self trained in less than an hour & working 4 part time jobs it makes my life a whole lot easier. Even the payroll and taxes are a breeze! I have used Premier, Non-Profit & Pro. Intuit just can't write a better program than this. Thank you Intuit!
  • Trevor - Each the other's world entireThere are few books that I have devoured as quickly as I devoured The Road; eating up every last desolate line of every last page. I enjoyed the lack of proper punctuation as it further solidified a world where such things no longer matter. Your heart will rise and fall with the fortunes and misfortunes of father and son as they embark on an epic journey.
  • Ross Bishop - Fabulous readingSometimes I find that words are inadequate to describe a feeling. This is one of the most incredible books I have ever read! Short pieces, all extraordinarily well written, painful, joyful - an incredible opening to the joys and pain of life. It's the kind of book that I think everyone should read.