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City: 95655 Mather Field, California

  • David S. Chapman - My Toy BikeI wanted a mountain bike so I got one. I have 2 road bikes ( Schwinn Paramount 7 & a Cannondale Bad Boy ) but wanted some girth to ride. I basically use all my bikes for commuting with doing some triathlons during the season. this fit the bill. Setup was kinda tough & the brakes always rub a bit, but for $350 what do you expect. The frame alone is worth it & i'm a fan of Sram x4 & x5 parts ( see my Cannondale ) so overall it's been a blast...
  • Ask Althea - Great communications replacement including phone...lolI love this tablet. Of all the droid tablets, it's the most functional because it has a keyboard.

    Pros: Aluminum case, auto update to latest ICS with zero issues, GPS dongle - Asus fixed the problem instead of ignoring it, great screen glass and very responsive/accurate, extra connection slots - USB, micro HDMI, extra life with the keyboard/docking station. Basic desktop apps in the office bundle that are enough to make edits but not robust enough to replace MS Office. Lighter than my laptop or the only HP tablet with touchscreen (though I like that, too). Love the Android apps. NO NEED TO BUY A WIRELESS CARRIER BUNDLE. Meh, I use my Verizon Mi-Fi when I need it, but Wi-Fi is almost ubiquitous. It's a great phone with Skype or my Vonage mobile app. Will eventually tether to my mobile phone, but I like this better than the mobile phone because of the screen size, so may go the other way and drop my mobile carrier

    Cons: Had to root it to remove all the bloatware. Managed to do it without bricking it, which is sort of scary, but tons of root support out there in the universe. Even more functionality now. The GPS dongle (need it, but hate it). Because I have Mi-Fi, I don't have distance issue to a Wi-Fi hot spot. I prefer the aluminum case to plastic. Upgrade options - always need more storage and memory. Wondering about Windows 8 on this tablet...

    Got it at a fantastic price on Amazon about 4 months ago. The price seems to be jumping around a lot. If you want it, watch the price and pounce when it goes below $600. If you hate it, you can return it in 30 days.
  • Chanda Young - my favorite tanning product thus far...This product is amazing. I love the tingle, made me really feel like I was getting a great tan for some reason. But once I got out of the bed I could already see the results. I love the way it helped me achieve the next level on my tan. I have tanned many years, tried many products but I can safely say this has been my best. Tingle is not for everyone! But those who like it will love this product!
  • W. Berry - Must have for those of us with sweaty underarms!I have dealt with sweaty underarms and wet shirts for a long time, even from just typing here on the computer. When I finally felt that it was enough, I started reviewing my options. Sweatblock seemed to be a simple yet effective solution. I have used it for 2 years now. It does not cause any irritation or discomfort. It is really simple to apply, and it works for at least a week (the product says up to a week), for me. I have no sweaty underarms, and it really is a confidence booster when your shirts for work (or whatever) are not wet! I even notice a decrease in sweat production when working out. I highly recommend this product, and don't be like me where you get lazy sometimes and forget to apply it each week. It has made a huge difference for me!