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  • Simon Taplin - Does a great job with no annoyancesI run the software on Windows 7 64bit Pro and Home machines and have not had any issues. Runs in the background and does the job quickly and quietly. Only small downside is the first time it connects for updates, the the update is 100MB. Other than that I would recommend the software to friends and family
  • Jeremy - Webroot it and forget it!Today it is all about online devices from notebooks to tablets to smartphones. It is data on the move with access anywhere anytime. So who has time to deal a virus or online threat? Would you rather be socializing, sharing data, and enjoying some video content, or fighting a digital virus or threat? The answer is clear: Webroot it and forget it. It is as simple as that.
  • Phoenix - Finally something that worksI've tried all kinds of products for constipation and the product may work for awhile but then it seems not to be effective anymore after a short time of use, but so far with "align" that hasn't been the case, it started working about five days after I started taking it and has continued since, which has been only for a month but so far so good. I'll let you now how next month goes. It's nice to have Amazon automatically ship Align to me monthly because I don't live near any shopping centers and it's a product I don't want to run out of. My friend introduce Align to me and said it was great (she had a worse problem with constipation than me) and she has been using it for six months.
  • girlychica - OMG This is the Dating BIBLE!!I'm a big fan of books that offer dating advice, or other advice that empowers women. But this book, takes the cake. It's funny, it's interesting, and it's a no "BS" truth-be-told book that all women need to read. I basically have been the pansy ass girlfriend, catering to her mans every need and then wondering why he's being a jerk and I'm being taken advantage of. NOT ANYMORE!!!! talk about invaluable knowledge. Oh I will be applying these techniques and I will be applying them TODAY!!! Thanks KARA!!!! You rock!!!
  • larry king II - Outstanding Grill!!!!!I have been very pleased with this grill. This is my first review I have ever written but I felt like I needed to come back and comment.

    I was very apprehensive at first of this purchase especially after reading the reviews. Me and my wife went ahead and made the purchase at Lowes.


    I have followed the instructions and tips and all has been well.

    I have grilled steaks, pork chops and chicken and you talk about juicy, moist and tasty. My family has absolutely raved and loved the performance of this grill.

    Thanks Char-Broil!! This one is a winner!!