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  • John (Michigan) - Great for truck seats and shoesI use this on my truck cloth seats, usually doing a light coat every spring. After 4 years, I have yet to see a spot on seats. It is easy to apply and drys quick. I put on a coat in the morning and let sit all day and overnight, cracking the windows in the day. I apply in warmer weather, and let the truck sit out in the sun to aid in drying and ventilation. Next day there is no noticeable odor, and seats are dry and looking just like the day I took delivery. I had not treated my previous truck seats and every bit of water showed if you had a beverage that was beading up even the water spots would not come out. I also use on new shoes, boots and it seems to help keep them looking cleaner and offers a bit of extra water resistance. Great product. It can be used after properly cleaning your car/truck seats just as well, just make sure to let the cleaning products dry out before applying.
  • Violet - Worked For Me After All Else FailedIn 2008 my husband and I started on a fertility drug to get pregnant. I have severe PCOS. For two years we were going to doctor appointments twice a month and I never once ovulated. The doctors finally told me I would have to go to a fertility clinic. My husband and I decided we wanted to try a more natural alternative before going to the clinic. I started taking FertilAid and after taking it for 2 weeks, I ovulated. After taking it for 2 months, I was pregnant. I now have a happy healthy baby girl. I've recently started buying FertilAid for my sister who also has PCOS. She's only been taking it a few weeks, but her cycle is regulating, so hopefully I'll have a niece or nephew soon!
  • Joyce Wheeler "Mysticmvn" - A Breakout SuccessThere are three types of people living in this world humans, changelings, and Psy. Psy are powerful beings able to communicate via PsyNet, these beings are incapable of emotions.

    Sascha Duncan is different, she has one flaw she can feel, and she must keep it to herself. This is going to be a difficult tightrope to walk as she has been designated to work with changelings in order to keep the peace between the two groups.

    A killer has been preying on changelings and is suspected by the leader of the changelings that the killer is a Psy. Lucas, the leader of this pack plans to try and infiltrate the Psy hoping to find this murderer. To his surprise the Psy working in collaboration with him is a full feeling woman not the hardened being he has come to expect. A new victim has been caught and for her to survive, Lucas and Sascha must race against time and a danger that threatens to cause a war between the Psy and the Lucas's Pack.

    In a breakout novel for Ms. Nalini Singh she comes out with raw power, making readers and reviewers sit up and take notice. While this world takes a minute to get adjusted to, once you are in it is hard to escape. The visioning associated with this novel is one of utter brilliance. Not quite sure where she was given her ideas but hopefully the muse working inside her head keeps talking and she keeps writing. Is this a series in the making? One can only hope.

    Lucas makes for one very enticing Alpha male, full of strength and wisdom. What more could a woman want, particularly one such as Sascha. His vigor for life inspires her to look at the Psy world with fresh eyes. And that is just what she needs to remain strong as Sascha's whole outlook on the world is about to be tested. The undeniable chemistry between Luke and Sascha makes this one steamy read, and not to be tossed aside. Nalini Singh is certain to be a force in the paranormal genre with Slave to Sensation.

    Reviewed by Joyce

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