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  • Amy Graham Norton - Totally worth the money!My 6 week old wasn't getting any active play time and we thought he was just too young. Then we brought this mat home and he IMMEDIATELY took to it, recognized he could move the toys with his hands and hit the keys with his feet. This is the only playmat that we have tried, but we like that he has something to hit with his feet, and that the music is interactive. He also loves the mirror. Usually I comparison shop quite extensively, but this was one of the only choices I had at the local store. I had researched it online prior to buying it, and am truly happy with the purchase. I can't think of anything more I would want it to do. We can always add our own toys too. Not sure many playmats can do that.
  • S. Steele - Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care HandbookThis book was designed for primitive health care. It isn't set up to turn the layman into a surgeon.
    For what it is; it does an excellent job. A huge block of it has little use here in the states, but there is at least one good tip on every page. Once you move past the political and socioeconomic points, it's a wonderful learning tool.

    One thing that is often over looked; Hesperian the publisher distributes this and countless other books for FREE. Their whole philosophy is medicine should be cheap or free and is a world wide entitlement not a privilege.
    HINT, HINT go to and while your at it Google "Ships Captains Medical Guide." This is also a free down load and packed full of good info.
  • Manli Gong - You can't find any better.I've read loads of those so called "dating books", and none of them really impressed me as this one did.

    Get The Guy is the one that will utterly change your love life, it's a saver.

    It's not just a book that teachs you all the techniques in terms of dealing with men, but lets you know the fundamental mindsets of males. The book tells you why is the guy doing this instead of doing that, what are the thoughts behind the behavior, etc. And trust me, it's totally different from what you think it is. With that, you can ace every relatiohship you have or you want to have.

    It's really worth to read.
  • Michaela N. "new englander" - It takes guess work out of food shoppingI thought I was an educated shopper. Boy, was I wrong!

    When it comes to the supermarket, it's a jungle out there! There are so many choices that it's overwhelming to check each and every label. This book makes it easier for people to select the best products out there. I give this book 5 stars because of the staggering amount of work and research needed in order to write this book.
  • A BROWN - Best product for summer sleepingChillow is hands down the best thing I've bought to help me sleep during the warmer months. It requires no energy or work, and will last years. I'm on my second after I had the first for four years. It cools you passively, so you are never in any danger of cold burns or malfunction. It just provides a cool surface to place your head, and that makes all the difference. Safe for all ages and well constructed, I can't encourage anyone strongly enough to get one of these for themselves.