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  • Thomas P. Blinn "Dr. Tom Blinn" - Best price around at the time of my purchaseI find that buying the retail product such as this Norton Internet Security 2013 is often cheaper than renewing my subscription, so I will use the two copies I purchased to update all six of our home PCs to have the current version. Next time around I probably will upgrade to Norton 360 which adds the features of the old Norton utilities, but for now we're sticking with Internet Security which in our experience (over many versions and many years) does an excellent job.
  • Mike - Very solid buyI actually love my new Samsung tablet. Makes me wonder why I ever considered buying an ipad. Loving the android operating system though it does contain a few bugs. Kinda still mad at Samsung though. The tablet came with a piece of plastic over the screen which would've served well as a default screen protector but it's riddled with unnecessary advertising words that force you to remove it and buy your own screen protector. Very stupid!
  • EASY TRAVELER - THEY KNOW IF YOU ARE NAUGHTY OR NICEPresented here in is exactly how your tax money is spent so that a few public servants and apparently Israel can know precisely what you do think and say.

    Looks like at one time they collected so much info they didn't know what to do with it. BUT I bet by now all you have to do is enter some tid-bit about you and a computer serves it up in seconds. In fact I have reason to KNOW that it's possible. I've tested it a few times and I KNOW you can do it. Disgusting. This is what you do with a high I.Q.and a lot of somebody elses money. What a hoot.

    July 10 2013:

    Edward Snowden.