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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 84606 Provo, Utah

  • Christopher Spindler - starwarsfanclubThis toy is cool but if it cost less money than more people would get it .It was fun making it but it needs more details in the instructions so it will be easier to put together.The person who made it needs more blasters because not all the troopers can get one.Could you get more droids for the mini mtt?Could you add a mini snowspeeder?why isn't there an at-at driver?Could you add horns to darth maul sata claus?
  • David - Faboulous!I have used a Android tablet for several years and it all but replaced my desktop. It (the Android) had to be sent in for replacement, and I was in the middle of a "can't put down" Kindle e-book, I ordered next day delivery of The Kindle Fire HD to use until my Android Tablet was returned.

    I was so impressed with nearly every aspect of the Kindle Fire that when my other tablet was returned it has basically been relegated to a music player with my home audio system. (Since the Kindle is Wi-Fi only, I do take the other tablet when I'm away from home.)

    The screen is something to behold: bright, vibrant and clear, easily readable in every lighting situation in which I have been. I mentioned being impressed with "nearly every aspect of the Kindle." It seems that something negative must be included in a review - why, I don't know - and it is hard to find anything not to like about this device. I quess the whole "carousel" concept is that one negative for me. I prefer a "home" screen. I also thought it odd to pay to have no advertising although I suppose it has something to do with keeping the cost low. Last but not least, having to purchase separately the charger is a new one.

    My task of supplying some negatives done, I LOVE THIS DEVISE!
  • RKAdams - Recommended!We moved into a new home and our dog developed fleas shortly after. This combined with Capstar treatment for the dog worked like a dream. I misted this over our living room carpet (only carpet in the home) and microfiber sofa and the flea problem was totally resolved within one weekend. I love that this product is natural and doesn't have any harsh chemicals or fragrance. The smell was almost Christmas-y and wore off a few days after use. This bottle is huge and still pretty much full even after a few days of use. Would definitely recommend.
  • Nubian Princess "Trying_to_Create_A_Good_Life" - Fitness Competitors, I Got One of Your Secrets...My cousin who lives in Cali had a personal trainer who put her on to this. And since they believe in looking good on the West coast, I had to take notes. Body builders and fitness competitors also use sweet sweat to prepare for shows. I smooth some sweet sweat across my problem areas and then I'll put on a thermo jogging suit (If I really want to lose inches fast), or my hot pants to tackle those thighs and hips.. The result? I lighter feeling and your clothes are wet, but not drenched. And did I mention you smell good too?