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  • christinemm - The Thinking Mother - 700+ Pages for the Price of a Take-Out Pizza = Cheap and Provides a Lot of Practice!The book explains what the SAT test is and all the directions so the student can be familiar with those and not hear them for the first time when the test is administered.

    Just as with Kaplan's PSAT book, the best things about the book, though, are the test strategies that Kaplan recommends which they spell out clearly and concisely and the practice tests which are a lot for a low cost. Knowing and using these strategies must put students at an advantage perhaps that is why students always improve their scores upon taking it more than once.

    The book comes with a serial number which allows the book owner to gain access to the Kaplan website where they can take more sample tests online (free of charge) to help them determine a studying strategy. (There are sample tests in this 700+ page book also.)

    An impression I got from being on Kaplan's shiny impressive website is that everyone would benefit from taking Kaplan's classes for SAT prep. Perhaps some who are tempted by this cheap book then feel scared and pay a lot more for additional courses. Whether you choose that is up to you. I honestly feel that if a student really started preparing ahead of time, not doing last minute cramming, and if they really do all the practice tests and understand the SAT's format, and if they had a decent education, they'll do fine on the SAT.

    As I said about the Kaplan PSAT book, for the price of a take-out pizza, you can buy this book and access the website and the book to do a lot to practice. At least the book is not being sold for a ridiculous high price. The book is valuable for the student because it guides the student to find their weak areas so they can independently study or to go on to form a small study group. A student can learn a lot using just this book. So how hard can a parent really be when rating a 700+ page book that is such a low cost which can help the student a lot *if they actually use the book and do study*? I can't be that hard on the book, therefore I'll rate this 4 stars = I Like It.

    I recommend that you buy this book, use it fully and see what you get out of it. If you feel you are floundering studying alone or with a small study group that you created, and consider enrolling in classes such as Kaplan's, if you either are not disciplined enough to stick to a study schedule on your own or if money isn't an issue and you can afford the for-fee Kaplan services.
  • James Flynn "Andy" - Everything I expected and more...Many of these reviews came out before the device was released so I thought I'd post mine after having it in my hands.
    I also own a Galaxy S 10.1 and while both have beautiful displays the addition of the faster processor and ICS make the Asus the preferred device. The virtual keyboard on the ASUS is easier to use, not only because of swipe, but the layout includes more virtual keys that are commonly needed eliminating much of the shifting from alpha to numeric symbols as an example.
    You still wind up switching symbol types, just not as often.
    ICS allows for a very clean desktop and a very robust OS unlike the rough edges on some previous versions of Android.
    I've heard complaints about the "lack of tablet apps"...I haven't found that to be the case. Perhaps that's true, it's been my experience thought that apps are readily available.
    I hope this review is helpful. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and would buy it again, in fact I did, my son has one too.