The Society of St James | Homelessness charity, Drug Services and Care Services - Southampton - Society of St James; Registered homeless charity Southampton offering support to the Homeless, Care Services and Drug Services throughout Hampshire.

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  • Yvette L. Kimmel - Zag: The word alone describes thus book's approachA flight-time read with a couple decade's worth of info. Neumeier defines Zag, builds the business case and gives you a step by step to creating or reestablishing a strong brand. With his succinct approach you can quickly establish " Our brand/product is the only _____that ____." Then you can zag.
  • John J. Callahan "Jeff" - Kindle versionHaving purchased the 2010 version, I decided to drop the new version in my tablet so I'd always have it with me. This book is an easy to read yet comprehensive resource with great ideas about how to stand out from the crowd throughout the entire hiring process, how to develop multiple ways to identify opportunities and connect with key decision makers. This book if chock full of concise, actionable strategies that are geared towards today's job search environment. I will read and re-read ...btw the website is recommended as well.
  • Eftyking "Eftyking" - Prime is greatI guess I feel lucky considering some people seem to be getting lemons. My Prime has been great.

    They just did a firmware update and all seems great. It seems to have fixed some issues. I think it is normal to have some of the issues we see because it is so new.

    My Wifi is fine. No issue with booting or restarts.

    I did a speed test and the tablet out performed even the Prime's own benchmark score.

    I got the dock also. Amazing. Really cool how it starts charging the tab as soon as you plug it in.

  • Jackie - Very functionalThis portable high chair is awesome. We bought it to take with us on a trip abroad to Grandma's house. It weighs about 5 pounds, but folds up and fits into a suitcase without a problem. We attached it to the table when we got there and used it three times a day for 2 weeks. It is very sturdy and well made. It is relatively quick to install so you can also take it with you to eat in restaurants. It takes up so little space that I am tempted to get rid of the regular high chair and start using this at the table. It has a 3 point restraint so the baby can't slide through with an adjustable belt. The back has a pocket where I stored the bibs. Overall, a great product.
  • Chris Jarman - Definitely lives up to its name. High quality product.I bought this for my wife after worrying for a long time about the potential effects of her [very loud] hair dryer on her hearing. I was a bit skeptical about how quiet the Centrix really is until I saw the videos mentioned on YouTube. It absolutely lives up to the billing: it is very quiet, but also very powerful, particularly when you install the nozzle (the nozzle boosts the air velocity by constricting the flow). My wife is very happy with it and raves about how much better it is than her previous hair dryer. This isn't some "gimmick" hair dryer. It seems to be very high quality construction, and again: the noise reduction is significant.

    The only potential issue to be aware of is the rather large size of the fan and motor unit. The side view doesn't reveal this, but the unit is definitely larger than typical dryers. This isn't a big deal, but it does mean that the dryer might not fit in a bathroom drawer or in your carry on luggage. But in my opinion, the significantly reduced noise coupled with the overall high quality of this product more than offsets any concerns about size.

    All in all, I definitely recommend this hair dryer to anyone concerned about the ear piercing shrill of traditional hair dryers. This thing is awesome.