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  • sarah chavarria - Harris Does It AgainOnce again Sam Harris hits the nail on the head,and builds the case for science that requires no mystery tainted dichotomy. This book is the new definitive answer to those who seek to sell us their myths by telling us we "need" it, or we won't be good people. Modernity is fast on the heels of Christianity, Islam, and the rest of them, and we are closer than ever, thanks to Sam, to freeing ourselves from the lie that only by accepting fairy tales as fact, can we reach for the highest ideals and attain a just and peaceful society. As obvious as it seems after reading THE MORAL LANDSCAPE, the reader soon realizes that the proof to Mr. Harris' hypothesis has been staring us in the face the whole time. I will be reading this again, now.The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values
  • williams - lo mejor para la perdida de cabello -Excelente producto con solo 2 aplicaciones al dia en 2 meses ya vez resultados, fácil se aplicar con la presentación de espuma y mayor acción por ser a base de alcohol
    mi tratamiento es Rogaine Foam 2 veces al día, Finasteride 1mg al dia y Anaphase Ducray 1 vez al día. 100% recomendado luego ledigo q tal con la competencia kirland :)

    Excellent product with only 2 applications per day in two months time and results, is easy to apply foam presentation and further action to be alcohol-based
    my treatment is Rogaine Foam 2 times a day, day and 1 mg Finasteride Ducray Anaphase 1 once daily. 100% recommended ledigo then q such competition with Kirland :)
  • Mike Taylor - My new favorite presidentAmity Shlaes walks us through the upbringing that molded Calvin Coolidge into a wonderful president who realized that tax money was the people's money and to use it sparingly. Wy on earth did we let this type of thinking fade away. Once again Amity produces a superbly educational look at what a true conservative can do.
  • Jess "HEA-Reads" - Silk is for Seduction - Great dialogue and a heroine I loved!What an incredibly addicting story with a hero and heroine who are equally driven, smart and passionate. This was my first Loretta Chase book and while it took me a few chapters to really get into the story and her writing style, once I got to know the characters I was completely hooked.

    Marcelline is raising her young daughter alone with the help of her two sisters. They run a dress shop and its Marcelline's dream to be known as the best in her craft, ever. She's the master designer, taking risks and willing her customers to try new and daring styles, while her sisters manage the publicity and the books. They're a great team and they won't stop until they become THE women to see for a dress.

    Clevedon has been traveling for the past few years, staying away from a future that includes marriage to his childhood friend Clara. He's enjoying himself in Paris when he runs into a vision. Marcelline is in town finding out all the latest in French fashion so that she can take new ideas back to her shop and the women of London. They meet, sparks fly like crazy and their banter and witty back and forth conversation begins. These two really met their match in each other and I loved seeing the different emotions that they each brought in the other. Frustration, playfulness and lust all come out in their very short time together in Paris. Marcelline heads back early as does Clevedon when he learns that she's leaving and their relationship continues back home.

    Marcelline is such a complex character, you can't help but smile. She will do whatever necessary to succeed. She has big dreams for her shop, her life and above all else she wants a good life for her daughter. She's certainly not some dainty society woman, going to balls and swooning over men. She's a worker and doesn't run in the same circles as the highly titled Duke of Clevedon, but she keeps contact with him because she wants to dress his future wife, Clara. Nothing will get her business to skyrocket like dressing a Duchess and even though she's falling in love with Clevedon, she puts aside her feelings and lets her ambition take over.

    She held him, relishing his weight and the feel of his silky hair against her skin and the scent of him, while her breathing quieted, and the world came back.

    "That was much more fun than self-sacrifice," he muttered.

    She laughed. "Yes, cheri, it was."

    He raised himself up to look at her. "Cheri," he repeated. "Why does it sound so delicious when you say it?"

    "Because I'm delicious," she said.

    Clevedon almost does the opposite. He's driven by his feelings for not only Marcelline, but for her young daughter who reminds Clevedon so much of his young sister who died in an accident. Lucie wraps Clevedon around her little finger almost from their first meeting and Clevedon is sunk. When disaster strikes the dressmaker's shop, he must offer help. He takes in the whole family and provides them loans to get themselves back on their feet in a hurry. That's what stood out most about Cleveland. He completely understood what Marcelline's business meant to her, and he moved heaven and earth to get them a new space and get their materials restocked so they could continue on.

    As I mentioned above, it took me a few chapters to really get into the world and to understand the characters and where they were coming from. But once that happened, I fell in love with them all and couldn't wait for more Clevedon and Marcelline scenes to come up. They had wonderful back and forth conversation, these two strong willed people, who matched up so well. Little Lucie stole every scene she was in and it was sweet to see Clevedon fall for her as well as her mom. He found in them the family he'd lost at a young age. The Noirot women all so intriguing as business women, I can't wait to get the other two sister's stories to find out the more personal details about each one. Marcelline and Clevedon were such joys to read about, their story was fun and emotional and they themselves had me smiling and waiting for that moment that they were able to finally come together.

    Blog Rating: 4.5/5