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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 90245 El Segundo, California

  • Bobio - Norton has always kept my pc safeI'm not a techie, I just know what works for me, and Norton has always delivered. I've been using one form or another of Norton for over 10 years and a virus has never gotten through to it. In the past, I've had problems loading the new version and have learned to uninstall the old version before loading the new one. Norton may have fixed this; I don't know because I never try to load the new version over the old anymore. Once I tried using McAfee because it was free through my service provider. I guess Norton didn't like that because that was the only time I've ever had to wipe everything off of my pc and start all over again. I was told that even if you uninstall Norton, there are still bits and pieces of it that don't go away. So, sort of like my marriage, I'm monogamous with Norton because if I ever cheat on it, I'll lose too much stuff. Do you know what I mean?
  • JMJ - Equivalent results to AccutaneUpdated review... I have been using the treatment kit for 10 months now. I still consider these products to be nothing short of miraculous for my complexion. I happended to be browsing through a cosmetics store yesterday, when a saleswoman asked me what skin care line I used. I replied "" She looked puzzled and proclaimed, "But you don't have acne!" The ultimate compliment. I have not had a single significant breakout since shortly after I started the Regimen.

    I've had acne for two decades. When my acne became so bad that I didn't want to show my face in public ten years ago, I turned to Accutane. Accutane completely cured me of acne for seven years. Over the past three years, pimples had been creeping back into my life. I tried many over the counter treatments (salycilic acid, glycolic acid, sulfur, heat, blue light) without success. Three months ago, my skin had deteriorated back to the same state it was in ten years ago. I had multiple pustules and painful cysts, mainly surrounding my chin. I ordered this on a whim because it had good reviews. I also spent a lot of time on the website reading Dan's advice (particularily the area on "ingredients to avoid"). I studied the ingredient lists of all of my "anti-acne" products from well-known brands and found not one that didn't include a comedogenic chemical on his list. After two weeks of using these products (just once a day), I had no new breakouts. I have remained breakout free since - not a single one. It has taken a while for the peeling/flakiness to subside (almost two months). I highly recommend purchasing the jojoba oil too, to help with the flakiness, if this is your first time using the kit. Thank you, Dan, for your educational web-site and for your incredible products.
  • A Noyes - Never leave home without it!I was visiting my dad's house last summer and needed a place for my daughter to eat. I purchased this chair based on online reviews alone and had it shipped to meet us there. A.MAZING! From the second I secured it to my dad's table, I knew I made a smart decision. My daughter was incredibly happy to be at the table with the rest of us and was very comfortable. I was nervous at first that she was just clamped there and her little legs were swinging in the air, but it's very sturdy. One of the best features of this chair is attaching it to a booth while at a restaurant. Now my daughter sits on the inside, away from servers refilling water glasses and delivering hot food to the table. She is out of the aisle of their walkway as well. I also purchased the Summer Infant Tiny Diner, which I roll up and leave in the carrying case with the chair. The chair folds up flat and I leave it in the trunk of my car, so I am never worried on where my daughter is going to sit when we eat. The fabric is removable from the frame and can be tossed right in the washer. I love this chair; it's perfect!
  • H. Weddington - My baby LOVES it!My baby loves this toy. She knows that when she kicks she can play the music. She really loves looking herself in the mirror. She always smile and laugh at herself. My baby loves it so much, I bought one for my niece. I bet she will love it too! I can't wait for my baby to get old enough to play the piano with her hands.
  • Cathy65 - Anne gets her just dessertI had to get this book as soon as I'd finished Wolf Hall, because I had to know how the story continued. This was a very quick read, only 300 pages, and really got more into the mechanics of how people in power fall. I find this whole topic extremely interesting and wonder if it'll be made into a movie.

    I was hoping to see more of a development of Thomas Crowmwell's character on the personal side, since so much time has been devoted to his professional acumen and social skill. Maybe in the third installment.

    Every bit as compelling as the first, and I'm so glad I wasn't born in the 1500's!