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  • MattO - The best introductory C# book out there...period.I am writing this review mainly for new programmers who want the following:

    a) Have little to no experience programming;


    b) Who want to become, at some point, exceptional programmers.

    This book is a beginner's book. It just goes into more detail than most introductory books. It focuses on the language in a clear and concise manner with no frills examples. It will take more time than other books. But once you go through it, you will have the foundation to become an advanced programmer in the future. It really explains in a very deliberate fashion the infrastructure of the C# language.

    It spends the introductory chapters on classes and methods. It spends time describing the structure of a program and ample time on all the preliminaries that often scare new programmers. A foundation with this book will lead people to anything they want to do with the language: WPF, XNA, Unity3d, etc. etc.

    Worth more than 5 stars.
  • Jason - Diet Works If You Have Will PowerThe information in this book probably saved my life. I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, with lots of blood, mucus, and pain. The medications offered by my doctor's only had moderate and short-term effects. So I searched for alternative treatments. The diet in this book works. I have been completely symptom free for about 18 months now and feel better than I have in YEARS. Be warned that the diet is very hard to follow at first, and you need lots of willpower, and having supportive family and friends may be necessary. For example, my wife makes me lots of SCD diet desserts, which has been crucial. There is hardly any food I miss now, and I can't argue with the results.
  • j-fit - Awesome SuckerThis thing rocks! We have 2 Great Danes that at times shed like crazy. This thing lifts up dirt/hair from carpet great. Also for hard surfaces, after a quick sweep job it picks up anything I may have missed.

    I've also used it several times on our couch after one of the dogs got up for the day and the couch was caked in hair. After a few mins with the pet attachment you can't tell a dog was even up there.

    It works amazingly well for cars too. A quick shop vac treatment to get big items, then a touch up with this vacuum leaves the floor and upholstery looking great.
  • Terry & Sherry Surrency - Best Office Software yet!I use Microsoft Office religiously each day in my business and in college. I have used every version since Microsoft came on the market. I have also used Word Perfect, Quickbooks, and other office suits. I use Excel, Outlook, Word, Power Point, One Note, Access, and Publisher. After reviewing this program for the nearly a month, I find it to be a relief from the heartaches and misery from the previous office suites. This is by far the best version of Microsoft Office, yet. I am sure that I will come across problems: however, I see it this way: For a program to be this good from the start, just think of how good it will be when all of the bugs have been worked out and it is functioning at it's best.