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  • Charlene - Love, love love The RoadI love McCarthy's writing style in that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo da Vinci). He doesn't have to say much, but I felt as if I really could connect with the Man and the Boy during their bleak journey south to... who knows where?

    After an apocalyptic event destroys most of the world, as far as the novel tells, a father and son are all each other have left. Their story is utterly heartbreaking as they encounter horrors of cannibalism and the destructive change in humans as life is slowly trickling away. Savageness and primal instincts come out to play as what's left of the world is left for grabs, and survival of the fittest is no longer a saying--it becomes a reality.

    McCarthy details the love between the father and son as they cling onto each other in a world that is no longer civilized. Civilization is a thing of the past and as far as the Boy knows, they are 'the good guys', and they need to 'carry the fire'.

    Completely heart wrenching as they face hunger and perils unimaginable- don't read on a rainy day.

    Loved it, despite the lack of a definite ending. Would read it again if I had the time. Not a long read, either- quite quick, but lingers in your mind as you try to figure out what lays ahead for humankind.

    Definitely buy The Road! You won't regret it!
  • Jonathan - Jonny loves it!My 2 year old loves it...Great tablet for kids and I would recommend this product highly for all young kids...
  • Linda K. Gilbert "MBA Queen" - LOVE LOVE LOVE- Great solid work out & varied!I am not a work out person. I tend to get bored if not challenged or too challenged. This is the perfect combo. i have stuck with it for 4 weeks now and 10 lbs down. it loads quickly, minimal waiting between segments (saw that was an issue with the first edition). Only suggestion would be for the trainer not to make snide comments when I leave the view of kinnect (i.e. to get water, go to the bathroom), she says dumb stuff like "was it something i said?" that annoys me. but, it does keep me there longer so maybe its intentional. I love how it monitors your body during each routine and tells/rates you on how well you performed and "grades" you. I do feel like the calorie counts are off - they seem much lower than when i input my workouts to my fitness pal. com
  • Elanor - wonderful heroWinter's tale was fabulous! Fantastic strong and silent hero, who slowly thawed and became one of the best leading men in historical romance. The Ghost of St Giles's storyline was exciting, without being overdone. Most importantly, Hoyt never strayed from the strong characterizations and heart of the story - the complex romance between Winter and Isabel.

    Isabel took some warming up to. She didn't impress as a very likable heroine at first - and I'm still not sure how realistic is was during that time period for her to have so much leeway in her public behaviour. But she slowly changed and the layers peeled away to reveal a complex but loving lady, who ended up being a great match for Winter!

    Historically, again not sure how realistic it was for aristocratic ladies to tramp around in St Giles and visit Orphanages so frequently. But this Maiden Lane tale is defintely a keeper and Winter is my favourite Hoyt hero. He'll be right up there on the top tier of heroes (rubbing shoulders with almuni like St Vincent and Derek Craven)!
  • KrazyKris - Stop Crying People!!I can't believe all the people on here that are bitching that you were left hanging!?! Have you people EVER read a series? Anyone read the Hunger Games? That story has 3 books to it! There are so many stories that you have to wait for the next are saying he's doing it for money....but obviously you have bought his books before! So what's the difference!! At least rate what you thought of the story....not that you will have to buy the next book. If this had an ending....and he came out with a new book next probably would have bought that one anyway!!