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  • mountainair - So powerful I stopped after day 4 - amazingI first tried this product about three years ago because it was on sale at a local health food store. I didn't understand the whole bit about starting with the mouth cleanse each morning, but I trusted those who study the topic and followed the instructions to the letter. Nothing happened for 48 hours and I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and bound up- I was considering stopping. I stayed with it and on day three... well, I thought I finally relieved my colon of that piece of gum I swallowed when I was 6 years old... and EVERYTHING else from end to end. Wrong. On day four I passed so much fluid and material that I started to freak out a little... how can THAT much matter be compacting in the human digestive tract? I literally felt drained, and had to have been severely dehydrated. Amazing. I stopped there. I am going to try it again to see what might happen on days 5-7... I have to imagine it will be predominately flushing fluids through from end to end at that point, and I hope will provide the full effect for my liver and other organs. I'll let you know how it goes. This stuff is not for the faint of heart. Never get more than 3 minutes away from a restroom when using it,because when it hits, it really hits.
  • Amanda Fitzgerald - Working for me!I am a 24 year old female, 5'4" and I've weighed 142-150 lbs for years and have been unable to lose the fat around my middle despite eating healthy and working out regularly. I regularly attend 4-5 intensive yoga classes each week that are fast paced and focused on building a strong core. Doing absolutely nothing different from my regular routine except adding in these pills before meals, after 10 days I have noticed a definite reduction in my love handles, you can actually start to see the definition of my abs, and laying in bed this morning I could actually feel my hip bones sticking out a little, as some of the fat around them has gone away. When I flex my arms/legs, you can also see the definition of my muscles better because there is a noticeable decrease in the amount of fat covering them, and because the muscles are firmer. I don't regularly lift weights to know if my muscles are stronger or just firmer, but they look and feel better at any rate. I still weigh about the same as I have for years, but even my fiance had to admit that these pills "must be doing something" because I look noticeably more fit and less fat.

    Keep in mind, I already had a good amount of muscle and solid abs, but they've been covered by a stubborn layer of fat for years. I also eat a healthy diet full of fruit, veggies, and a good amount of protein. I rarely drink anything besides water, and never eat fast food. I also eat moderate portions. I have tried the routines of counting every calorie going in, and doing extra exercise, but nothing would really make my fat budge like the garcinia cambogia has. I bought these being incredibly skeptical, but figuring that I had nothing to lose but a little bit of money, and I have been very pleasantly surprised at their success. I will continue to update on my results long term, but I am incredibly happy with my results so far.

    EDIT 7/15/13 - I have continued to use these supplements regularly before meals and though the results are subtle, they are still noticeable. I am still in the same weight range that I've been in for years, but my belly just doesn't look as bad as it used to. The fat on my sides has continued to slowly shrink, and you can definitely see the round outline of the definition of my abs. My side profile has also gotten a little smaller as well. I am happy to see these small changes continuing, and plan to keep using these for a while. My wedding is a year away and it would be great to continue slimming down for it. I'm still very happy that I discovered them!