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  • Katharine H. Shanahan - I really connected to this book

    As I was reading this I felt there were so many echoes of what I've experienced as a woman--for instance, the really hard work of making necessary compromises within a marriage. Talking about this is an important aspect of understanding what relationships are about and I don't think people really give this enough thought. I know my parents didn't talk to me about it and how it's a part of making a marriage work. Plus, the message that comes out is that when you give something you get something and that's a fundamental element to growth.
    But beyond the message, the book is a great read, with a strong, compelling narrative. There are wonderful metaphors through out, and the best one is the overarching metaphor for the author's journey--taking a parched piece of land and creating a field of beautiful flowers. I think that any woman not living in a suburban bubble could completely identify.

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