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  • mdelcarpio "Mauricio" - Windows 8 Pro is even better than Windows 7 Pro!I have been using Windows 8 since the Developer Preview for almost a year now. I am very pleased with this new and refreshing Operating System.

    Change is hard for many people and usually they are very vocal about it. But this change was required if Windows would continue to be relevant for the next decade. The consumer branch of computing is moving toward portable, touch enabled, energy efficient and user friendly devices. However, so far the competition was able to come up with consumption-only devices where producing capabilities are very limited. Windows 8 Pro is the answer to this dilemma. It gives you all the capabilities of Windows 7 plus you will have all the goodness of the new apps that are and will be in the marketplace.

    Here are 5 good reasons for why you should consider moving to Windows 8:

    1. Performance. Windows 8 Pro will run on any computer that was able to run Windows 7 Pro. Programs will run faster, booting time will be seconds rather than minutes.

    2. Backwards compatibility. With Windows 8 Pro you can run any program that you were able to run on Windows 7 Pro. Devices such as printers or cameras run out of the box.

    3. Desktop mode. You can use any Windows 7 program in Desktop mode such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop to be productive.

    4. Modern UI. Formerly called Metro, this User Interface was thought with touch in mind, while you can still use your mouse and keyboard. The new app ecosystem competes with IOS and Android apps. For instance, the pre-installed Photo App seamlessly connects to Skydrive, Facebook and other picture providers.

    5. Start screen. I don't miss the old fashion Start button of previous Windows versions. It has been replaced by a vibrant and alive screen where you can see feeds from your apps and search for programs, files and more.

    Windows 8 Pro offers a no compromise experience. You can use the Desktop Mode, Modern UI or both depending on your needs and hardware capabilities. It may take you some days to get used to it but in no time you will love it.
  • silvergirl31 - Before & AfterI have severe dairy & food dye allergies. And honestly after reading food labels, almost every food has dairy or a dairy derivative added to it for protein, bulk, or TASTE. Food is yummy with cheese all over it, but once you restrict dairy a bit your taste buds will begin to enjoy the taste of whole foods again.

    For a tastier smoothie, use this recipe I got from Fit2Fat2Fit:
    1 scoop meal replacement powder
    1/2 banana
    2 tbsp natural peanut butter
    3 cup spinach
    3/4 cup almond milk (i use rice milk)
    2 cup ice

    Blend. Grab a straw. Enjoy.

    My acne cleared up, i have more energy, and no more digestive issues from accidentally consuming a dairy product. In addition, my legs & feet no longer swell, a problem my doctor & I have been unable to diagnose/resolve for about 3 years.

    I like this product and grateful to have a dairy free alternative to all the whey protein drinks.

    Best of luck!
  • Stephanie "Steph" - Incredible Idea, Great BookMost of us have felt the incredible pain of loss. Wishing, dreaming, begging for just one more day, hour or minute with our loved one. Mott poses such a scenario in The Returned. Would such a reunion soothe our pain? Assuage our guilt? Curb our loneliness? Or would we just like to keep it all in the past, carefully covered up?

    So, one day people start coming back from the dead. Not coming back zombie-style, mind you, they are completely intact and relatively normal. They try to go to work, go home, see their families, all parts of their normal routine, except...they have been dead. Naturally, their family, friends and co-workers faint, scream, cry and generally freak-out upon seeing them.

    But, theoretically, this would be amazing, right? You could see your long-lost loved ones again. Sometimes many years after their passing, some just months later. No more moving on, no more sorrow, a wonderful miracle, theoretically...

    In reality, it's weird and people feel uneasy around the returned. They just don't know what to make of them or what to believe. In a spiritual sense, this goes against everything anyone has ever known. Are the returned sent by God or the devil? How can you pick right back up again with your loved one when they have been gone for so long or when you have just picked up the pieces and started over? Loss is a part of life and as devastating as it is, we do have the capacity to keep living. What if that were turned upside down?

    Practically, the returned present another problem. What are we going to do with all of these new people? Some are lucky enough to be reunited with their families, but some have no family or friends left in the world. They are scared and alone. However, towns can't support them, the economy can't support them. We don't have the space or the food supply for everyone who has ever died to come back to Earth.

    The already-living face these emotional and practical problems in a variety of ways ranging from acceptance to anger. The governments of the world (and the U.S. in particular) take matters into their own hands to handle the problem of the returned.

    The Returned is a breathtaking novel that poses interesting questions. Mott's style reminded me of a poetic Stephen King. One of the things I love about King's writing is his ability to get inside the heads of even his most minor characters in such a way that immerses the reader even further into the story. Jason Mott has this talent as well. The Returned is told from multiple POV's and I felt attached to each of his characters. The arc of The Returned was perfect, with small details being presented in the beginning, then leading to a huge climax and a well wrapped-up ending that leaves you thinking. The Returned will definitely be one of the most talked about books of the year, if not for some time to come.