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  • bowtieman - Great Historical Fiction!For the Civil War buff, this is a must-read book. While it relates the same events as Michael Sharra's Killer Angels, it is a more realistic portrayal of this great battle, and is way more intense in it's depictions of the common soldiers who fought and died there. Where "Killer Angels" is melodramatic at times in it's descriptions of both the characters and the engagements, "Cain at Gettysburg" is brutally and sometimes horrifyingly honest about the events of those three days in July 1863. The author has gone to extreme lengths to base his novel on historically accurate sources, with the result that the reader has to periodically remind him or her self that this is a work of fiction and not a historical narrative.
  • Travis Anthony - Works greatI bought this a couple years ago, and it is still working just as well today. It was a "just cuz" gift for my girlfriend, and she uses it regularly. She wanted a tablet of some sort to play games, browse the web, and read books. Well, the Kindle Fire is the perfect device for it.

    The newer version seems better, but she has had no issues with this older one. And that is with regular use: watching videos, reading, browsing, Words-With-Friendsing, etc.
  • Bob H. Howell "Bob H. Howell" - I now play the drums like John BonhamI am 47 and have been playing the drums since 1967. At best, I could only manage a jazzy type sound. With Uranium Ore milk shakes, I can produce the sound of the "big leg beat". Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and I will soon start touring as soon as we can find a decent bass player (John Paul Jones wasn't interested). The only disadvantage to this product is my nuts glow -- and I have a hard time sleeping if the room is not totally dark.