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  • Batman "Da Batman" - Great Gift For My NephewSo I needed a gift for nephew Peter Parker. He is sort of a science geek and was really excited about getting something radioactive for some reason. Unfortunately there was an incident involving a spider & the ore...but Peter assured me everything worked out great. Once I saw the results from Peter using the ore I order a couple a more cases and sent them to my cousin Dr. Banner. He said things had mixed results for him. But things seemed to go pretty well for my good friend Reed Richards. Anyhow, this is a great product that is more than capable of powering anything...even let's say a bat-submarine.
  • KK - Excellent tool for studentsThe Top 300 cards are an excellent learning tool, especially for entry level pharmacy ( and medical students). Other data bases may be a bit overwhelming. The Top 300 cards provide a concise and organized synopsis of the basics. Also, the picture is very helpful for students to visualize the product which is extremely helpful in the learning process.
  • CYBERDISC - So much hate. Shame... it really is a great game.I got this game a couple of days ago, and I'm very satisfied so far. Zero complaints about the looting and leveling system (very addicting btw, you always want to keep leveling to unlock runes and try new ability combinations. It looks great aesthetically, sound is great but I think DII had better sound (for its time) I don't like having to be online to play it but hey, if you are writing/reading reviews, that means you have internet right? so stop freaking complaining, geez. Sad people is sad. And multiplayer is also a breeze, really easy and fast to crawl dungeons with friends. Story isn't very spectacular. I'd five this game a 4 stars but since there's so much unjustified hate I'll give it that last star to help out the score. This people just make me feel bad for the game industry, what have we come to...