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  • Cynthia Sue Larson "best-selling author" - Romantic & Thrilling Adventure Through TimeEllie Crystal's SARAH & ALEXANDER brings the reader directly into a universe in which one woman's ancient family secret becomes critical to saving the world from the clutches of evil. Sarah Manning grew up with a keen awareness that her family is quite a bit different from most, yet when she becomes a young woman, she is amazed to discover the full depth of the mystery revolving around her maternal line which traces it's way all the way back to ancient Egypt. As a terrible truth is gradually revealed to Sarah about how a loop in time can provide one of the world's most dangerous men with an opportunity to radically alter the past, present, and future to his own deadly purposes, Sarah realizes that it will be up to her and a few trusted friends to stop him. With a newfound sense of who she is, Sarah races against time and a group of dangerous men to reestablish peace on Earth.

    SARAH & ALEXANDER is packed with the esoteric and thought-provoking kind of information that fans of Ellie Crystal's crystalinks metaphysical and science web site would hope it to include. Topics ranging from extraterrestrials to psychic phenomena to sacred places provide fascinating tidbits to contemplate, as the action-packed story keeps you on the edge of your seat!
  • B. Douglas - A special tool...This is just the exact book one would need that would like to get into medical school and has no idea where to start. An A++ in my book!
  • Peter F. Schweizer - Don't Caricature Palin; Read the Book and Decide for YourselfThose who like to caricature Sarah Palin won’t know what to do with Good Tidings, Great Joy. They will try to dismiss it, but will ignore what is at the center of this book: a person with real heart, a love for family, and a deep faith. Palin is bold in her words, but they don’t spring from anger or fear but from a deep and abiding belief that Christmas has become less about Christ. What could be objectionable about that?
  • Ian M. Buchanan - New challengesi found this book absolutely fascinating - it poses for me a very interesting question: we know that the internet as caused big changes in society, but i wonder too if it hasn't also exposed some false assumptions about society. This is what Shirky seems to be saying: people have always wanted to act collectively but until now it has been very difficult to do so. I wonder too if it doesn't demand a rethink of cultural studies, which is premised on a notion of the average person and their response to mass communication. With the internet one could say neither of these things exists anymore. This is Shirky's thesis: there is no average internet user, nor is there mass communication.