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  • A. Khan "ak" - Quicken Delux downloadThe product downloaded fast and the machine upgraded the program from older to the new version. The software works great, there are some minor changes from the older verison, have to spend time to understand. I recommend the program as its quite cheap and no hoax. Intuit should allow and make free upgrades for the next three to four years or I will have to look for alternatives.
  • Jessica C "Veny's Girl" - Wow!This stuff is great!! I received this product as a free sample from a Smiley 360 mission and was very glad to have it on-hand when I did! Started getting a cold sore one evening and applied this. Getting the medication to absorb into the tip was a little harder than I would have liked, but it instantly numbed the pain and by morning there was no sign of a cold sore! I will definitely keep this around during the winter months when I get most of my cold sores and possibly the rest of the year, too! The best cold sore treatment I have used by far!
  • elisa - I finally feel normalI started feeling like something was wrong with my digestive system in my early 20s and then suffered from pain and gas for about the next 10 years. I tried everything that I could think of; eliminating certain foods, dairy, soy, tried not mixing certain foods, and tried many probiotics and fibers. Some things seemed to help a little, but I would have good weeks and bad. Lately I have realized that I feel normal and haven't had a stomach ache or gas for maybe the past year. I take 1 Align every morning (for about the past 3 years), I mix chia seeds into my yogurt (for the past 6 months), I eat 1/3 cup of All Bran Buds on my yogurt every morning, and I take a green tea pill every morning to reduce water retention. I'm not sure whether it is all of these factors or one of them that helps me, but I'm sticking with them all, just in case. Best of luck to everyone with digestive problems.
  • Marc Lesser - Meets expectationsThe reel is unique in that its a fully machine click pawl with a mid-arbor at a $100 price point. I'm pretty excited by the quality out of the box and, while several reviews mention it's noise, it's really not a distraction. I have disc drags that are almost as loud and for lighter rods/outfits, were you're managing line mostly by hand, it's really not an issue. So far, pretty happy but we'll see how it holds up.