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  • William T. Palmer - None of these negative reviewers have experienced psychotropicsThis book is an absorbing, free-form meditation on consciousness, the unconscious, and the narrowing gulf between them. Pinchbeck brilliantly interweaves the thoughts of such intuits as Walter Benjamin, C.G. Jung, Rudolf Steiner, and Terence McKenna with his own. None of these negative reviewers have experienced psychotropics. Perhaps the name was unfortunate, and attracted the wrong crowd.
  • GMS - Price TIPFYI - Walgreen's Drugs sells for $149 and the replacement tips for $25. Much better price. Just purchased yesterday and can't wait to try. A friend of mine 24 years ago was married to a Doctor and told me of the advantages of zapping high intensity heat into a pimple to destroy the bacteria and make it heal. Apparently, it has taken this long for someone to actually put it all together and market it. Good for them! Sounds like it is a good product that is in fact helping most.
  • W. Munro - A Truly `Agile' Double StrollerHours and hours of research online and in stores like Buy Buy Baby led me to the Britax family - for its elegant and thoughtful design, robust mechanisms, friendliness to tall parents, and safety. As a product designer, I must say I'm impressed with the attention to detail. Here are some pros and cons.

    + Lightweight and extremely easy to open and close! One button press and a yank on the handle and the stroller immediately collapses (older women have actually stopped me on the street to tell me how envious they are of the modern improvements of strollers since their day!). If you put it in the trunk wheels down, you can press the release then unfold it one-handed as you roll it out of the trunk.
    + One-handed steering. I had the single B-Agile which had excellent maneuverability and good turning radius but ironically was difficult to push straight for long periods of time (front wheel tended to wander to one side or the other and even the front wheel lock didn't help much). The Double actually maintains a tight turning radius AND is easier to push on the straightaways during my neighborhood walks.
    + Great frame for long-legged dads (and mums) - no kicking that pesky rear cross-bar.
    + Oversized sun shades. One of the few I've found that is large enough to keep the sun out when walking perpendicular to the setting sun. Also great for creating separation between kids to allow one to nap and not be woken up by the other. Shades allow you to `cocoon' a sleeping baby who's in the carseat facing backwards by extending the stroller sun shade to meet up with the shade of the carseat.
    + Nearly fully reclining seats - this is great for naps or diaper change on the go.
    + Quick, one-handed recline feature and easy two-handed way to tilt it back up.

    - The storage bin under the seat is smaller than the competitors and is difficult to access from the rear due to the arched cross bar (that is needed for the long leg space). However, there is now access to the bin from the front by unzipping the part where my kid's feet hang down. Brilliant.
    - Lacks compatibility with other carseat manufacturers. Seems designed to keep you in the Britax family of carseats - which I also recommend for high safety ratings.
    - Until the baby is a toddler, you are carrying around a lot of extra weight as the toddler seats of the stroller are fixed (as compared to the B-Ready which allows you to use the frame alone with an infant carseat but had no double option). However, the benefit of the `cocooning' effect I describe above almost makes up for the extra weight.
  • UnluckyLindy - Grateful to Mr. Scahill and his Sources"Dirty Wars" is one of the most important works of journalism that I have ever had the privilege to read. I simply want to add my gratitude and admiration for Mr. Scahill's great courage and professionalism in researching, writing and getting this VITAL book published. No American knows the United States government or military of the late 20th and early 21st century, if they don't read this book or otherwise learn about the facts presented here.

    WHAT IS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DOING? Certainly NOT journalism. If the mainstream media were performing journalism, they would be reporting every day that Americans no longer have the right to due process of law. Americans can now routinely be executed by drone or other form of murder, without charge or trial, on a "special operations" "elite" agent's whim. By what criteria, then, does an American delude him or herself in the belief that the U.S. is a better country than Iran, for example?

    I saw this coming years ago, though, during the early years of the W/Cheney administration. Millions of Americans were content to get fat in front of their TVs watching shock and awe perpetrated on other nations' innocent citizens, INCLUDING INNOCENTS of ALL AGES, BABIES, CHILDREN, and ELDERLY, blown to smithereens. I was as appalled then as I am now, by the Great Evil that commits these atrocities.

    Whether we are targeted and executed by a U.S. drone, or blown up by an impoverished youth from another country seeking revenge for his family having been murdered by a drone or a bunker buster bomb, do any of us actually believe that the word "terrorist" has any value whatsoever? Our Government has made targets of all of us. That's all that matters now.