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  • Jon Keel - A Must Read For Any Person Desiring True SuccessTodd's newest book grabbed my attention from the first chapter. "...what we both know and fear to be true: we have only a certain amount of time available to us, and how we choose to spend our days is significant." Personally, for many years I was "busy being successful", or what I believed success to be. Oops!

    Die Empty lays out a roadmap to true "life success". No one wants to end having had a mediocre life, but for many it just happens. Todd challenges the reader to take a different course, to get "engaged" not only in their work but in their life.
  • SBryant - Worked for Me w/ Regular CyclesI was a little nervous to try this after reading that it had interrupted some women's already regular cycles. But my husband and I had been trying for 10 months with no luck. I took this for a month and got pregnant! I couldn't believe it! I did drink the tea for about 2 months prior with no luck, but one month of the pill form did the trick! I'm now 11 weeks pregnant :)
  • Rachel Torres "RGTorres" - UNlikely Lavendar QueenMy friend recently lent it to me on vacation, but I could not finish in time. As soon as I got home, I ordered it and have spread the word on this unlikely life experience ever since. It is well written and described in complete detail. I now tell everyone to read it and I know they will enjoy it too. I look forward to reading about Ms. Ralston's future adventures. I know she will have some wonderful ones!
  • D. Potter - 3-D modeling made easy and fun!This is great software from "Essentials to Home Designer Pro 2012".
    What I want to communicate to you is that each Chief Architect Inc software title has differing capabilities and features. In other words there is a good reason why they sell for different prices and that price determines how much you get in terms of choices and efficiency.

    You do get what you pay for!

    The hard part is knowing what you need and want before you buy: your money is a known and real quantity whereas your own expectations are sometimes harder to quantify especially by others.

    Chief Architect Inc offers free trial demonstration software for its Chief Architect Premiere software and some of its Home Designer titles which you should download, install and try out.

    I have and use all their software titles from Home Designer Essentials to Chief Architect Premiere, use them every day in my business.
    Any of their titles are well worth your time and money, just take the time to study the capabilities of each of them and then pick out the right one for you.

    David Jefferson Potter
    A user since 1994
  • Stephen P. Lloyd "I am still learning." - Useful perspectivesOf the three hardbound Tufte texts I've read this one goes down best. It's a beautiful volume, and despite the fact that I'd been introduced to sparklines in the other Tufte books, the concept sunk in with this book. Give this a try. From the way you design your spreadsheets to the fonts you might choose in a WORD document -- Tufte will influence how you express yourself. Whether your interests are technical or not, Tufte's disciplines and perspectives in how we express and perceive information will empower you to clearly and perhaps more importantly, gracefully express yourself. This is a delightful book -- a true "sleeper" in that it offers so much more than its commercial descriptions. If you really take your time and let this work sink in, people will notice -- whether those people are your boss or just friends.