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  • J. Velasco - what a "whole" wondersawoken one day after having a bad hangover I went to my cabinet and poured all of my cereal in a huge bowl, then i went into my refrigerator to find that my milk was gone....
    it made me angry, i couldn't even eat my Bootleg cereal.
    Since i have no Bodegas near me and the closest store is 43 miles down the road,
    i decided to buy a whole gallon thru Amazon and was quite surprised that when i ordered it, the milk man (god) came and hand delivered it to my stoop.
    i was a happy boy, but since i was dumbstruck of the quickness of the delivery , i didn't read the expiration date on the milk and was forced to drink all my stumpy bubbly milk with my Kabooms.
    i had explosive diarrhea for a month, but at least i had eaten.

    thank you milk man , where you are
  • Judith Taylor - There's no proof better than results: Psoriasis sufferers, take heartDr. Pagano is the go-to guy if you want to commit to ridding yourself of Psoriasis once and for all. (Without resorting to drugs and their disastrous side effects). The photos of his patients say it all. The results of his methods are astounding.