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  • J. Kalina "Reading Enthusiast" - Voyager by Diana GabaldonVoyager is the third in a series of six, commonly known as The Outlander Series. It is an original story and Diana Gabaldon has an incredible gift! Her writing style places you in the story, the details are such that you feel everything that is going on within the story. This collection is a remarkable tail of Claire, a nurse from 1945 and Jamie, a Highlander from 1746. The story is not your typical romance novel...It is much more, and it offers a great escape into a world that contains History (fictional), love, passion, death, murder, betrayal, adventure, and political intrigue!

    I recommend all of her books.
  • debwilson - Harvest of RubiesSarah is proficient in many areas - she can read and write in multiple languages, she can keep complicated ans lengthy accounts, and has a quick and sharp mind. The only thing stopping her from great success is that she is a woman. But when her cousin Nehemiah recommends her to the position of head scribe to the queen, she is completely unprepared for the events that follow.

    Sarah has always measured her worth based on her accomplishments; if she fails in any aspect of her work, she sees herself as a failure as well. So when her position as senior scribe is threatened because of her success as the queen's trusted account holder, she is, for the first time in her life, being measured for who she is as a person. With no complicated rolls of parchment and clay tablets to hide behind, will she attain her own measure of worthiness? Or does God has other plans for His child?

    This was a wonderful re-imagining of a fictional character set in Biblical times. Afshar deals with something that we all struggle with at some point in our life; the measure of our worth. Despite the lack of history Afshar had to work with as a background for her story, she does a marvelous job of re-creating the setting and bringing it to life. It was a story I could believe in and learn from, and an author that understands the very heart that beats in every one of us. Not only a recommended read, but one I will revisit again and again.

    A copy of this book was provided by Moody Press for free in exchange for an honest review.
  • Kristen H Phelps - Amazing Stroller!I cannot say enough good things about this stroller. It is a little heavy but the quality is amazing. It fold up easily and is so durable. My daughter still sleeps in the bassinet at night (so it saves you having to buy a bassinet). The red looks amazing. definitely the best stroller out there to use on the road, sidewalks, even on grass.