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  • Kimberly A Weber - I love this seatThis seat is great. We were a bit hesitant because of the cost, but it really is a nice seat. It's so sturdy and I feel like my daughter is really safe while in it. The straps are really long. I like this because they stay over the side of the seat when I'm putting my daughter in and don't get caught under her. The only thing I don't like is that it is a really heavy seat. It would be a pain to travel with or move around a lot. This doesn't bother me because we leave it in my car, but if it was being used in 2 or more cars it might be a pain to move. Overall, we are really happy and pleased we purchased the foonf.
  • Feenie - Rephresh yourselfThis is doctor recommended. It actually works as it says it will. It's a good preventative remedy too. 2 thumbs up!
  • Rebecca A Bowen "Rebecca" - A Kindle Is Well Worth The InvestmentIf you're a reader and routinely run out of bookshelves, have to give books away to make room for new and feel like you've bought enough hard back books at bookstore chains that you should be a shareholder, this device is for YOU.

    I have had my Kindle since April of 2008 and I rarely, if ever, step into a bookstore any more. Amazon and this Kindle are now feeding my reading passion, and new books and a way to read them are always instantly within reach. It has performed flawlessly since I got it, and while others may poke at various features or the intuitiveness of their use, I can honestly say the most important things are it's portable, it's light, it fools you into thinking it's a real book (I was hooked the first time I tried to actually *turn* a page) and it's magic that I can carry a library of over 100+ books with me whenever I want to. (I often think of that "magic" in the context of Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter 7th book Deathly Hallows - if you've read it, you'll know what I mean.)

    Amazon has taken the concept of ebook reading and made it truly what it should have been in the first place - and I can't thank them enough.
  • Carrie Miller - I love the Quicken Deluxe 2013I have used Quicken in the past, but haven't updated since 2008. I love 2013 and all it does for me. I am able to see all my accounts in one place, which makes it nice to keep up with. I also get weekly spending reports sent to my email, so that I can see where my money is going. Since my last purchase in 2008 to this last one in 2013, I have to say there were big improvements and I don't know how I lived without it!
  • K. Barnett - Great portable seat for babyWhen baby was 4 months old, my family had to spend a month in Canada for work reasons. At that time, our baby was really enjoying using his Bumbo seat to sit up and get a new perspective, but given all the other baby gear we had to bring, there was no way we could bring his Bumbo - it was just too bulky. So we bought this chair as a kind of portable, packable Bumbo seat and high chair in one, and we have been really pleased with it. We used it throughout our trip to Canada and still use it as baby's high chair. (Baby is now just over a year old!)

    - Fabric seat cover is machine washable - it cleans up perfectly and looks new from a spin in the washing machine. This is SO necessary once baby starts eating solid foods! (I also like that there are no legs to clean, unlike with a high chair.)
    - Easy disassembly for washing - there are only three parts to the frame (2 arms and bar that shapes the back of seat) which make it a cinch to take apart and put back together.
    - Included attached cover - the cover is attached and folds up neatly to store in a pocket beneath the seat of the chair, so there is no worry of losing or forgetting the chair cover.
    - Unlike many restaurant high chairs, which are a bit too low for the table and make it hard for baby to reach up and grab his food to eat, this chair attaches so that baby is at table level. This makes our baby happier, so he is content to sit at the table a little longer, which makes us better fed and thus, happier.
    - Attaches to most tables. It even works with tables with long skirts - you might just have to angle the seat a bit to fit it around the skirt, then level it off once the supports are behind the skirt. The only difficulty with these longer-skirted tables is that you will have to loosen the support arms completely so that they can fit around the skirt, then tighten them the whole way back up to meet the table. It makes for a lot of turning if you have to do that.
    - Safety belt keeps our little climber from standing up, climbing up onto the table, etc.

    - Lots of turning the support brace on long-skirted tables. This isn't a problem at all on tables without a skirt!
    - It'd be nice if there were some kind of closure on the back pocket of the seat - that way I could keep a couple of baby spoons in there without worrying about them falling out.

    All in all, these minor drawbacks are very minor. We really love this product.