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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 92807 Anaheim, California

  • beavmetal - There is much to like on this albumMost of these songs fall into the Indie rock genre. They are all good songs...which is unusual for a free sampler. A few og the songs have a slight electronic/techno inflence. My favorite was Born to Die due to the interesting combo of what felt like punk guitar, funk, and a bit of electronica.
  • Kimmy Sue - Made such a difference!I'm apparently one of the "silly" ladies who loves this product as per a previous comment from a clearly ignorant review. This has made such a difference for me. I used to get horrible irritation and discomfort after my period and after sex and I found out that it could be a result of a ph imbalance so I gave this a try after my doctor suggested it. I use it right after my period or sex and it totally solved my problem. My husband is much happier now that we don't have to wait days between due to my issues! I highly recommend it.
  • J. Harley - Fast and ReliableI use this drive for manual data backup and so far haven't had any problems with it. I've copied several hundred gigs of data and so far and the drive has not let me down. I've had no problems with the drive losing connectivity nor any data transfer issues. I've copied data from internal and USB 2 external mechanical drives as well as flash memory USB 2 and all backups were fast and easy. One drive that I'm backing up is a three-year-old Seagate GoFlex 320GB portable drive. I'm transferring all of my previously backed-up data from multiple smaller capacity drives to the newer 3TB drive. I also own another Seagate portable that is four-years-old. Both of these portable drives have sold me on Seagate's reliability. I own both this 3TB drive as well as the Mac version Thunderbolt 3TB drive. Both are great and in a real world environment, seem about equal in performance. Of course, Thunderbolt is mainly good for better reliability and sustained performance while daisy chaining multiple devices. Unless you have a specific need for that, I would suggest saving the money and buying this drive over the more expensive Thunderbolt model if you have a Mac. This drive is far better suited and priced for the average user. I plan on buying another of these USB 3TB so I can have my usual backup of my backup. For those asking why I just don't backup to a RAID array or NAS; I keep my most vital data on two separate physical devices and stored apart. The best RAID array in the world won't protect you from environmental hazards like flood or fire. I do use a NAS, but mainly for file sharing, not backup. As for cloud storage, thanks but no thanks. We already have enough infringement on our personal privacy. The last thing I'm going to do is willingly store my last little remaining private data out in cyberspace.