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  • karrieal - This book saves lives!!!!!!!!!!I am appauled at people making fun of this book, or as we call it at my house LIFE SAVER!! Two years ago, before we had this book, my mother, father, and four grandparents were all killed in SEPARATE huge ship accidents. If only we would have had this book sooner. But this review is not a sob story, it has a happy ending, after purchasing HTAHS, I had a very, very close call with a huge ship that came out of NOWHERE! Luckly I now had the skills to avoid the HUGE SHIP! I slowly and calmly stepped aside as it slowly passed me by. If only I had had this book 2 years sooner, my family members would still be alive. I will most definately be passing this book down to my kids, then their kids and further on down the line so never again will anyone in my family be hit by a runaway huge ship, we will be prepared dammit, we will be prepared! Bless you John W. Trimmer, bless you for writing this LIFE SAVER!
  • Martin - His wisdom eludes usThere seems to be a fair amount of misunderstanding within these reviews. I feel many here are missing some of the valuable lessons that the honorable Tao Le is teaching with this newest edition, errata and all and so I humbly provide my analysis of this fine edition (now in color!). The errata is no mistake my friends, it is designed this way in order to give you a preview of the frustration you will encounter with patient care in your future. Did you honestly think 20+ pages of errata was a mistake? No, no, the honorable Tao Le is far wiser than you give him credit for. The uncertainty you feel relying on a book proofread by a gorilla will also prepare you for the uncertainty every doctor must face when making clinical decisions. So in a way it is somewhat honorable; the editors and publishers putting their credibility into question in order to teach you valuable lessons you will never have even known were taught. I hope when I am an attending I will be as selfless and passionate in instilling excellence into my interns and residents as the honorable Tao Le has been. From the sincerest corner of my heart, God bless you, Tao Le.
  • Nahashon Njagi - Office Mac Home and Student 2011 - 1PC/1User [Download] (Software Download)First, if you buy downloadable software please keep the key "safe" I had bought similar software from a different website other than amazon and this was for my new mac. the computer crashed in three months and apple wiped everything while installing and fixing. unfortunately this did not last long and I had a new replacement but going to the site I even contacted the seller but the key was not there anymore, the kept it on site--my account--for only 3 months. this time I was almost buying a new software on CD but found good rating on first the Amazon and the seller. I downloaded this software to my mac and has been running very good. what I like with this download is the fast access to the downloadable software, fast product key access after payment, easy to download instructions that come with the product key, support just in case you need extra help to get things going. because of my previous experience, I have saved the product key on both my computer and written form. again there was nothing to lose, I had tried CD soft ware on a friends mac as well and it was no better than online download. while the end result for both remain the same, for online download, I had no worries of scratching my CD or even misplacing. overall, the big difference between the two is the savings!!! at the comfort of my computer desk I was able to buy the downloadable software online and safe at least $50 bucks. It depends with the bargain though and surely you can safe anywhere 20 - 60 bucks. for these reasons I would highly recommend this downloadable version.