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  • azdaya - Garmin GPSI debated a long time which GPS to get, after going back and forth, I settled on Garmin. The five inch screen for me is the sweet spot, not too big or too small. I travel a bit for work, so I have used it across the states. The maps function great and the lane assist is a life saver, by far my favorite feature. Knowing what lane to be in has saved me from missing my exit many times.
  • kindred spirit - Leap into University for little kids.This is an upgrade from Leappad 1 at our house. Last years model still going strong but some new features make this a hit. We like to have educational toys that are also fun in our home. This pad is very durable and takes pretty much what the 4 yr old dishes out. The bright blue and green colors are great for both boys and girls.
    There is a camera front and back facing. These are not high quality but to the kids they are a lot of fun. Taking a picture of yourself making faces that is worth hours of fun.

    You get a $20 gift card for online game purchase but don't count on that buying a lot. All of your past purchases are compatable with this pad. Update Oct 7, 2013 forgot to mention you get a 30% discount on your first purchase so The $20 goes further. I got 3 programs and still have a $2.50 credit to the account. It is off your whole order.

    Art Studio and the Creativity Bundle are the favorites here.

    The one thing that was a disappointment was this one takes 4 AA batteries and depending on how much play in a day that can be one day. We go with recharagables so there are always some ready.

    It also comes with stickers to decorate the pad or other items the child may want to use them on. This with he DVD at Christmas if it is out would be a wow gift. Little ones see adults with tablets and want them but the 4 and 5 yr olds still need sturdy toys and you have to set up lots of parental controls to keep them safe. There are no worries with this you set the tablet up on the computer make purchases then the child can do anything on the pad.

    You get a 1 year warranty at this price point I was glad to see that.
  • Christina - My skin feels great!After years of hearing about Bare Escentuals I finally decided to give it a try. I really didn't have high hopes for it, but wanted to see what all the hubub was about. After just the first couple of days I truly felt my skin was improving. I tend to break out from traditional foundations and haven't worn any for years, only powder. I had to be really careful with other makeup to make sure all of it was removed each day or I would break out. When I put this foundation on it felt silky and weightless on my skin. Even when I took all my makeup off my skin still felt smoother and healthier. I believe this product really works. You just have to make sure you don't put too much and you will be fine. Apply it in layers if you want more coverage. If it didn't work for you right away I recommend reviewing your application technique or ask the consultants on the website. Technique is important.

    I truly believe this product can work for anyone. Best makeup I have ever owned compared to any drugstore or department store brand. The kits are a great investment...Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit - Medium Beige/Medium ($181 Value)...the brushes alone would cost the price of the whole kit. I have also noticed that their brushes work the best for application. They must be specially made to pick up the minerals so make sure you use the right brush too. I have been recommending this product to all my friends, they can clearly see on my face that it works. I can't wait to try all of the products in their line.