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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Nicole Xt - Excellent - Like your own personal tour guide!I travel extensively, have lived in 3 countries, and am a big fan of travel guides. Lonely Planet has excellent advice, but is like reading a telephone book; Eyewitness guides have excellent photos and graphics, but the information is often outdated and is written in a manner like an encyclopaedia - no candid banter. Prior to our upcoming trip to the Disneyland Resort in Paris, I wanted a guide, and after much research, chose this one.

    This book is fantastic - the authors are obviously well travelled and know Disneyland exceptionally well. They provide very current information (it appears it's updated every 2 years), which is presented in a candid and relaxed manner. If something is not worth wasting time with, they tell you; if attractions ordinarily have a long line, they offer the best times to visit; moreover, they give information on the food, transport, attractions and shows, regional displays and parades, with accurate pricings for everything and website links. They even give you some tips that only comes with experience, such as when the characters ordinarily appear on Main Street and which characters to expect there at which times.

    In addition, it is beautifully illustrated with lots of photographs - even pictures of the authors in the parks! It gives you that little more that lonely planet doesn't - an image in your mind of what to expect.

    Just a footnote: the book is great for anyone, but is exceptionally perfect for Brits, as it also offers a few local places where you can purchase tickets, find well-experienced travel agents, where you can exchange pounds for Euro, etc.

    I highly recommend this travel guide - you won't need anything further to inform you about Disneyland Paris!
  • Scott Brown - Fantastic History of SWAT teams and how we lost the 3rd and 4th amendmentVery well written and researched. I was so horrified with some of the travesties that are documented in Balko's book that I had to put it down for a while to digest the injustice of them. Every freedom loving person should read this. Drug warriors, anti-gambling activists and those in favor of "victimless" criminal laws will never be able to advocate their point of view without a feeling of shame in the pit of their stomach in what is being done for their views.
  • Smitty - Best Makeup Ever!!!I have used a lot of makeup in my years....I'm 44 and I've been using makeup since I was 16. This has been the BEST makeup by far I have ever used. First of all, it does not take a lot of this foundation to really work. I love that! I hate looking 'pasted' or 'colored'. I try to get a little sun every year, but do not sun worship anymore, and I use the light foundation, which is a perfect blend for me. You can wear this makeup in the heat (it won't run off), overnight (to lazy to take off makeup and you won't break out over it),it really is an amazing product. I have went back and forth with this, using it for awhile and purchase the 'name brands' in the store, even the "organic and natural" products out there. I keep coming back to Bare Minerals. For the money, it really IS worth the cost and so much better for you to use than any other brand. I will be a lifetime user of Bare Minerals!
  • Gita Faust - QuickBooks 2012 Total Solution for Real Estate and Property Management Length:: 2:05 Mins

    QuickBooks 2012 maintains its user friendly interface with the addition of innovative features. It has evolved beyond financial management to becoming a business management software. We are always looking to simplify QuickBooks for real estate and property management. I always tell my clients to upgrade the software every three years - but this year I will be asking our client to upgrade to QuickBooks 2012. My favorite New & Improved features are reviewed in the video.

    QuickBooks Pro 2012 [Download]