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  • J. Lesley "(Judy)" - I don't know which catagory to place it in but I know I really liked it!So---all you folks out there who know your fiction. Does this book fall into romance, fantasy, paranormal, science fiction or a combination of those plus something else I don't know about? Where it falls probably doesn't matter except in telling someone where to look for it in the book store. Just skip all that worry, go to the Information desk!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I wish I had known it was going to be so good so that I could have waited until after dinner to start it. As it was, my sweet, wonderful husband had to have a bowl of cereal because I just didn't want to stop reading. Of course, nothing says he couldn't have cooked something but have you heard that old saying "when pigs fly"? Well, I don't notice many pigs flying around in my neighborhood.

    One of my favorite things about this book is that it is well balanced. Not too much Psy, not too much Changeling, not too much science fiction, not too much future technology. Just enough of each to blend into a totally absorbing, believeable read with characters who were interesting and likeable. I need to like the characters, especially the leads, in order to fully involve myself in a book. This one suited me perfectly. It also contained the right amount of sensual episodes so that I could see these people as human (not superhuman over-sexed unrealistic maniacs who thought of nothing but sex). The author also paid the reader the supreme compliment in allowing us to use our imaginations during the sensual encounters and did not describe them to death. Thank you Ms Singh, I appreciate your restraint.

    Very highly recommended. You will be surrounded by a future world which is different from our own but which stays just enough the same to make you feel comfortable.
  • Lynne H. Schultz - Everyone should read this book!Sam Harris convincingly debunks both the religious view of morality as God's rule-book and the moral relativist view that says there is no right and wrong. If leading a moral life does not mean promoting human well-being, then what good is it? And if the science of medicine can measure our physical well-being (health), then why can't science (including psychology and neurology, maybe others) measure our well being in general?

    Numerous scientific studies have already told us about all the negative consequences of child abuse. How is that different from saying that child abuse is morally wrong? If morality = human wellbeing, then there is NO difference! Likewise, the scientific consensus is that spanking does not work in the long run and is a detriment to a child's wellbeing in a number of ways. So there, I just used science to show that spanking your kids is wrong.

    Moral relativism simply can't work. It undermines all of our efforts at establishing universal human rights norms, for one thing. If morals are relative, it makes no sense to punish genocide, torture or war crimes. But does anyone doubt that the world would be a much better place if there were no genocide, torture or war crimes (or war, for that matter)?

    The next step is to collect all the studies that might be relevant to moral questions in one place in order to answer them, which is a project I'll be working on shortly.