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  • Nancy "mom" - Works great if you season with a LITTLE oil firstI read the directions how to season the pan,but was worried when it never smoked like it was supposed to. So I put more oil in it. Turns out the portion of the pan where I put more oil is where the pan came out sticky! I washed the excess oil off the sticky part, and the pan has been wonderful! So far it's the best non-stick pan I've ever had. My guess is the people who ended up with sticky pans used way too much oil. It really takes very little to coat the pan. They might want to try washing it all off & seasoning it again.
  • Lori Hastings - Great Family Calendar!This calendar is perfect for my busy family. It has spaces large enough to write down all the important things you need to remember. On the bottom of each day is a little box designated to meal planning (which will save you time and money!). You get lots of stickers for various events: birthdays, no school, doctor appointments etc. This helps you glance at the calendar and know exactly what is coming up.
  • Snarling Roster - You say Anaheim, I say Jalapeño!Recipe for increased public outrage:

    15 to 20 - medium sized students, 18 to 24 years, more if smaller or underage.
    100 - Overly prepared riot police.
    1 - Healthy dose of indiscriminate power.
    1 - Publicly owned property in open setting.
    Generous selection of smartphones, news cameras to taste.

    Stir gently with world wide web exposure.
    Bring to a boil.

    Serving Suggestions: Best served with adjoining images of Syrian, Egyptian or your choice of oppressive sauce.

    Remember, the best defense is a vigorous and over the top offense!
  • Kim Savage Boyett "kimbo1616" - *WOW* The 3rd is also as good as the 1st!I ordered this book directly from Diana Gabaldon herself and she even autographed it for me! How cool is that? Anyway, I had already bought the 4th one, Drums of Autumn, but refused to read it until I had read Voyager. I know that they all stand on their own, but you know, there's nothing better than starting from scratch and learning the characters' backgrounds first. I was so ready for Voyager when it arrived that I read it in 4 days, which is probably a record for me (especially considering the size of these books!). How anybody who reads this series of books can say that they are boring is just beyond me. I wish someone would make a movie out of these. I wonder who would play Jamie and Claire?
  • Andy Elmhirst - Great sound, moderate priceI was looking for a good sound bar for my living 47 inch TV above my fireplace. I wanted to spend less than $1000 but get my best bang for my buck. I also wanted a sound bar that closely matched the width of my TV. I chose the Klipsch based on some reviews I had read and the fact that I am a happy owner of other Klipsch speakers. This soundbar has great sound. We use it for movies and to listen to itunes through our TV. It has plenty of bass and a decent stereo effect. It does have a 3D sound effect option but I don't notice much difference. It also has a convenient jack on the side to plug in a mp3 player. You won't go wrong buying this soundbar.