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  • Vinod - Seagate Expansion 4tbJust got the product today. It has 3.68 usable disk space. Try to partition with windows 8 disk management. Unable to crate a second partition. Then used easeUS partition manager. Worked superbly. Now transferring my data to the external drive. Since I have USB 2. transfer data speed is around 25 MB/s. Can comment on the quality of this product only after a long use. First time I am trying out a Seagate product. Before I had western digital 1tb which I brought 3 years ago. Still it runs without any problems.
  • NC - This book will change your lifeMany of us have chronic body pain of some type or other. I had alway assumed this was normal and just part of living (stress), growing older (more stress), and being in a sedentary occupation. This book challenged these assumptions in my life and presented clear and compelling evidence that just because body muscular-skeletal dysfunction in our culture are common, doesn't mean it's normal. We have, as a culture, forgotten how to use our bodies in our everyday lives. This book has posture concepts that I have never seen anywhere else such as kidney bean shaped feet, J shaped spine (not S shaped), anteverted pelvis, that are clearly illustrated by photos of people in modern traditional cultures, photos of people in western cultures a hundred years ago, and our own pre-school age children. Reading this book is an awakening to how far our culture has strayed and provides hope that we can return to using our bodies in the way they were designed to be so that we can feel better, look better, and live better.
  • John Bryce Rumbles - A fascinating and illuminating workA fascinating and illuminating work about the historical Jesus of Nazareth, and the earliest days of the followers he inspired.

    If you're looking for a hagiography that glorifies the Son of God, you've come to the wrong place -- read, instead, some of those things published by the likes of the Zondervan Publishing Company. But like those, this is written by a Believer -- just one with the academic chops to make his research more meaningful in serious circles.

    His conclusions will startle the conservative Christians, enlighten those on the theological fence, and confirm the thoughts of those atheists like me, that Jesus was a good and thoughtful man whose message was perverted early on by a certain man called Paul. Salvation through faith alone? That's nonsense -- it means a man like Hitler, or Pol Pot, or Stalin, would go to a heaven in exchange for a quick and heartfelt conversion on their deathbeds, negating all the evil they did on earth. And it means those like Gandhi, Gautama Buddha, and Stephen Hawking, whose works have truly improved the quality of life on earth for all, are condemned to a hell after death, for NOT making that Profession of Faith.

    How much sense does that make?

    Highly recommended to all. Sadly, the people who most need to hear this message will not read it, as heretical. Yes, it may be somewhat heretical according to conventional "Christian" standards, but I think the historic Jesus, and his brother James, would heartily approve of it.

    "Finally," they'd say, "someone has got it right."
  • Joyce - Enjoyed Using this Book!!Used it well last year. I really liked how it was summarized because it was easy to understand. I learned to appreciate it more after I finished and now in Junior year reading AMSCO (apush). This book had fairly large letters, not that heavy and most importantly seemed to know what it was talking about. I really enjoyed studying with this book.