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  • bzgrl1 - Professor Darwin Would Be Pleased!This product answers a question that many humans have posed to scientists, like Professor Charles Darwin, through the centuries: "Why did we evolve from single-celled amoebas swimming in the primordial ooze, into bipedal mammals with the ability to reason and use opposable thumbs?"

    We did it so that we could use the Chef'n Bananza Banana Slicer!! You need thumbs to hold this little gem in place while you squeeze it closed, rendering the perfect slice of banana for your breakfast cereal. I know, I'm brilliant.

    I expect to see this explanation for evolution in every science book on the planet in the near future. I will, of course, seek no credit whatsoever for this; I'll let Darwin take the rap on this one...
  • dawgpaula "dawgpaula" - A total Brain Rejuvenation!!I am from a Northern state and because of medical problems, moved to South Texas for year round warmth. WOW! This was like moving to a 3rd world country!!! I have been here for 5 years and I was starting to lose myself and get sucked into the intellectual black hole of Texas, AKA utter stupidity and delusion!! I recommend this book...it gave me a total thought rejuvenation and reminded me of who I really am! It should be a 9th grade textbook! I do not recommend moving to South Texas unless you like be tortured and abused for being an intelligent free-thinker with motivation! What's worse?? A WOMAN unapologetic for being an intelligent, free-thinker, OMG business person! GASP!
  • rking2010 - LOVING EVERY PAGEI finished cosmetology in 2003 and did not get to keep my book so I ordered this one to have as a refresher and professional reference. Man is it great!!! Very vivid, more detailed info, and it captures every learner. There are bold color pages with step by step illustrations and very to the point instructions. It also has a timeline of cosmetology and focuses a little more on being a productive businessman/businesswoman. Really glad I made the purchase!!!!
  • Mary Ann Kerstein - Great tips for seeing Paris!As usual, Rick Steve's book helped us get around the city and avoid some of the tourist nightmares. When he says to go early or late to a particular museum or historical spot, listen to him! This is the first time I had one of his books on Kindle. I have always liked bookmarking in the paperback books, but this was so much easier than carrying around several heavy books.