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Lexapro is an antidepressant to treat acute and maintenance treatment of major depressive disorder -


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  • Nicole Crew "Trauma Queen" - Same show, different broadsIf you don't like trashy girls don't watch it. It's always the same show. Ratchet girls, getting bombed, acting slutty and malicious. Basically letting girls know not to trust each other. I enjoy watching this just because I am thrilled I'm nothing like these girls. Sometimes they have girls that I think are probably great people in real life. But mostly back stabbing hoodrats. FYI if you're on the bad girls club, you're not classy.
  • Imnominia - recommendedi thougt this tablet were going to be a refurbished but no, except for a small scratch., i have a new tablet with all functionalities i can have with a new one
  • A. Bagchee "Tech Snob" - Shows the true color of Pink FloydIts amazing that Pink Floyd comes up with some really good music after Roger Waters leaves the group. There's no denying the fact that albums like Dark Side of the Moon, Delicate Sound of Thunder, The Wall etc. are legends of rock but Division Bell carved a different niche that was, unfairly, not received well by the "traditional" Pink Floyd fans.Maybe it should have been named "Listen Without Prejudice"! By not bringing a mind-set to this album, you'll see the great work of David Gilmour and how wrong Roger Waters was to try and break up the group. Compositions like Coming Back to Life and Take it Back are masterpieces.
  • MrsMonday - Great WorkoutThis is my first YSFE that I've used and had it over a month. I worked out to the Wii Fit before so without having to use the board is great. You are free to move, jump and even run without being afraid to break the board or twist an ankle. Overall I'm very pleased with this set up vs the Fit.
    I like that I can pick varying programs to work areas I need to concentrate- arms and legs one day and Aerobic the next. It's not the # of reps but how slowly you move and hold into place that makes a difference too.