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  • Anthony Ryan Caballero - Sickest game played in years..Don't let these 1 star votes fool you.. Theyre just people who couldnt wait a few extra house to play the game. We all knew there would be bugs and issues upon launch but I cant believe people cried like they did. Shows they have such a hard life if this is the worse thing to ever happen to them haha..

    Anyways, the gameplay is intense. Always challenging. Just amazing. I never make reviews but I couldnt stand to see all these 1 star votes. Youll love this game instantly. Played it for 13 hours the first day and didnt get bored for a second. Purchase this game, its worth it!!
  • mkolber - a vehicle for neuroticismThis book's blessing and curse is all the numbers it contains. Average gpas, mcat scores, interview and acceptances given, etc. are easy to get caught up in (they aren't as important as you think), but it gave me information on a few schools that i didn't know about at first, one of which gave me an acceptance. The cost of applying to medical school is so exorbitant anyway, you may as well spend the money on one of these books, and MSAR is the one my pre-health admissions committee recommended: it's the gold standard.

    5 stars because, well, it helped get me into medical school. Good luck...
  • T. Dayton - The single best book in the fieldIf there is a single book out there for anyone looking for a job or thinking about changing jobs, "What Color Is Your Parachute?" is it. This book provides thorough and comprehensive advice that is both practical and relevant. It also appeals to almost any career level, from recent graduates to senior executives. The exercises helped expand my thinking about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go, and definitely proved to be an asset during interviews and discussions. The entire book, in fact, provided a broader context to the process which made me a stronger candidate. And the hands-on advice also reminded me of the smaller details that are so critical but easy to forget about. If you buy any book on the topic of job hunting or career change, this has to be it. I highly recommend it.
  • Philip Gagnon - Thoughtful Premise - Interesting Analysis - Thought-Provoking ExecutionFair warning: I was already a fan of Mr. Balko before purchasing the book. The book didn't disappoint. Complete with references, Mr. Balko takes us through a brief history lesson on the creation of the institution of a formal police force (when was the last time you stopped to ponder when that became the norm...?) and the evolution of modern policing. Historical insight from a period of my own burgeoning awareness of drugs, laws and government policy. I greatly enjoyed seeing the pieces put together in a way that truly illuminated something I felt but couldn't articulate. I expect that people will try to overlay their own political filter over the book, but it really eschews politics and simply lays out facts from which you can draw your own conclusions. I've been discussing the book with some friends whom I've inspired to read it. I'm looking forward to the discussions that will ensue... I hope that occurs a thousand times over, as the subject presented in the book warrants a public discourse.