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  • DEBRA L WARRENS - SHAME ON YOU! YOUR REPLIES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HER BOOK! IT'S ABOUT HATE AND A TRIAL!I heard about this on the Jane Valez-Mitchell Show and felt compelled to reply. None of these so-called replies have anything to do with her book! It's all about "hate" and a trial. We live in a country where you do have the FREEDOM OF SPEECH and to express your ideas. In the right forum for starters, not in a BOOK REVIEW! This is about spreading "hate" for ALYCE LAVIOLETTE. I worked for a law enforcement agency for almost 27 years and here is what I can tell you about what Alyce is saying and DOMESTIC ABUSE. There are many forms of domestic abuse, verbal, physical, and more. Many times women do NOT report it because they know when their OFFENDER is RELEASED from JAIL, they are going to get a ASS WHIPPING when they get home! That's a fact! Most all the time they don't and won't LEAVE them because they believe "having a MAN is better than having NO man at all." How do I know this, because I asked them several times when they kept coming back into the front desk of our police department beaten up once again by their same boyfriend. It becomes habit, comfortable, and a way of life for them. Alyce LaViolette is simply doing the job she was hired to do. Weather you AGREE or DISAGREE with what she is saying or how she is doing it, really doesn't matter because you are not the DEFENDANT and you are NOT in the JURY. What do I think about this case? Travis Alexander had two different sides to him. One he displayed to the public and one he kept behind closed doors. Jodi Arias certainly had her own issues. I think they were the combination of the PERFECT STORM! He said and did things to her that just drove her down. He pushed her envelope too far one day and she REACTED. Yes, she reacted too much and killed him. What really happened in those few minutes none of us may really never know. But what I do know is that KILLING any person is NOT who we are as citizens of this country and it is NOT what we do to people. We do NOT do the same things that people have done. That doesn't make us any better or bring the person back. She will be judged in the next phase of Life, that is NOT our job here on Earth. Yes, you do have the right to EXPRESS how you feel about this TRIAL, but this isn't where you do it. Spreading all this SMACK about Alyce LaViolette is just WRONG! It doesn't matter if you like her or not, if you agree with her or not. That is entirely up to you to decide how you feel about what she has stated. This case will be over soon, and I think I will be glad it will be. Because I am sick of all this NEGATIVE talk. Just like when Casey Anthony was on trial. Everyone was talking all this hate and about how she was going to be found GUILTY. GUESS WHAT, we all know that was WRONG! So let's all just sit back in our seats awhile longer and watch to see what happens. In the meantime, KEEP IT REAL!
  • - A new high point for Pink FloydI remember being 12 years old and hearing my mother play a tape of this in the car a few months after its release. I remember being an immiture and happy-go-lucky Spin Doctors and Dave Matthews Band band jokingly mocking High Hopes with lines like "And the cement was harder. And bottles are plasticer." Now, I am a smarter 17 year old Portishead fan who has everyone of those cassette tapes Mom bought of Pink Floyd in his room. Of those tapes, I consider this album behind only Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here in quality. I am so glad to finally have it on CD. If it is not a "real Pink Floyd album" then that's even better! Now there are two bands who can change my mood with a song and drive me to tears and smiles back-to-back (Wearing the Inside Out and Take It Back.) It's too bad the last two Pink Floyd albums are the two most prejudged albums in rock history. I guess you know what Gilmour said "Sometimes you just can't win." Yes, I am fully aware of all of the co-songwriting credits. I see nothing wrong with that. They are just replacing a part of the band that left when Waters bailed. Is there anything wrong with the fact that Waters has secsion musician drummers on his solo albums? Both are merely to improve the work. 85% of the record was written by David Gilmour, his wife and/or Rick Wright ensuring it was not just a faceless bunch of individuals on each song and that is not how it sounds by a long shot. The advise from Lost For Words seems to go right along with the situation described in the second Roger-inspired line of Poles Apart. This album is a mature, grim, and strange journey and a wonderful oddity.
  • Scott S, Bell "Entreprenuer" - Go find loveThis book will help you meet people but you can not just read it you will have to do what the book says. It will take some time but you will find it easier to connect with people. There are some basic NLP explanations that always help when connecting with people not just for relationships in your personal life but also in business. If you actually do what this book says you will not be disappointed.
  • R. Caso "BobKat" - Peace of Mind on the Web!I've been using Norton products exclusively for almost 10 years on multiple PC's. Using Norton assures my internet security
    to the point where I have never experienced a problem. Norton clearly recognizes any security issues and handles them efficiently and completely. Most of the time the user may not even notice what Norton has done except for a small pop up on the lower right corner of your monitor. If you should encounter any problems their tech service will be glad to assist.