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  • Taek04 "Off Turning Pages..." - A Bountiful Read - Incredible Book!When I heard of a new impending release by Tessa Afshar, I was excited. Biblical Fiction is one of my favorite genres to read, and after reading her previous book, A Pearl in the Sand, I expected a great story. I was not disappointed as I saw the creation of a strong character in Sarah who provided a look at what could have been.

    If you are familiar at all with the Biblical story of Esther, this is situated right after the death of Queen Esther, King Xerxes, and is during the time of King Artaxerxes and his Queen Damaspia. There is little mentioned on this time, so a lot of creative license can be taken.

    Sarah is immediately someone a reader can relate to, a scared girl who wonders if she is valued, loved. We all deal with that inadequacy, wondering if we lack something. Afshar's take on this character as well as her handling of the delicate issue of being a female scribe in a job that is commonly held by a man is refreshing.

    I picked this book up at 6pm and did not place it down until I'd finished reading it, something around 10pm. It was not a short book, but it was one I found hard to place down. With engaging characters and dynamic storylines, Afshar immerses her readers in the world of which she writes, a world that leaves us wanting for more, even when the story ends.

    If you enjoy Biblical Fiction, this is a book you will not want to miss. For that reason I am giving Afshar's book 5 out of 5 stars for what I consider an excellent addition to the genre of Biblical Fiction.

    I received this book for free from Moody Publishers in return for my honest review.
  • Teaching Mama "Teaching Mama" - My Kids Love ItMy 3 y.o. got this for Christmas and loves the pre-loaded apps and all of the games we've purchased. This device is durable and easy for her to use. It provides educational and creative entertainment. Her 6 y.o. sister also loves this toy and they frequently take turns or play together. They love creating videos and taking pictures with the device. Pairing this with the rechargeable battery pack sold separately makes this a great beginner tablet for kids.
  • HeavyMetalSushi - Quality Pink FloydI'm really not going to go into too much detail in this review, because most of you who might be reading this are probably at least familiar with Pink Floyd and how cool their music is. (If you're not familiar with Pink Floyd, then there's something wrong with that...go and listen to them asap). This album is a quality offering by Pink Floyd. My wife had a copy at one point but something happened to it, and I'd ordered the Pink Floyd Discovery box set for her for was in great shape except the copy of The Division Bell did not work in it, so later I went ahead and ordered a copy of the Division Bell for her to replace it. Good stuff!
  • Donnie Darko "Donnie Darko" - A nice update from the previous versionI have used several previous versions of this software and have always found it useful, helpful and worthwhile. When planning a trip this software is nice as it lets you review possible things to see along the route and places to stop. I have a very updated GPS program in my truck. We travel with our 5th wheel trailer and while we use the GPS for navigating the roadway, we routinely check our route on the Streets and Trips software to get detailed information about the area. This has allowed us to stop for things we would have missed and see what gas stations are along our route and what fuel products they have. For us this is important as we have a diesel truck and a number of times we left the highway for fuel only to find the gas stations at that exit didn't offer diesel fuel. Using Streets and Trips software takes care of that problem. We can also track our route progress using the software. We can also find and plan on-route campground information and when we pull in for the night we check the area again using Streets and Trips and look for attractions we may want to see.... then we might decide to stay longer to see specific things. Vacations and trips are expensive. I highly recommend getting the latest version of Streets and Trips so you can get the most from your trip, vacation or excursion.
  • Brent Ferrell - Got mine the day ICS came out and ICS fixes stuffTo be honest, I got mine the day ICS came out and was a bit disappointed. While I was opening the box I had all these bad Amazon reviews screaming in my head as I steeled myself for yet another big technology let-down (I'd like to mention that I completely ignored all the "locked bootloader" reviews.)

    After I un-boxed and un-wrapped this stunningly gorgeous tablet which my iPad 2-owning wife characterized as "wow that's sexy", I immediately plugged it in so I could turn it on right away and skip the 8-hour recommended initial charge. Not thinking ahead, I did this on the kitchen counter, so I stood there for the next hour and played with it while she made supper. The first 15 minutes were great as I tried to convince myself that the fluctuating wifi signal was no big deal, there was a toaster between me and the router after all. I marvelled at the screen most, its quite breathtaking and just as bright and sharp as the iPad's.

    Then it slowed down. The browser wasn't quick to begin with and as I jumped in and out of more and more apps it was getting noticeably slower, it began to feel just like my DroidX. That is to say that it works, but its much better to have your socks blown off while you use cool tech stuff. We all know that feeling, that's why we're here. But my mood sank, I bought another friggin' thing that was "almost" as good as it was before I got it, almost lived up to the hype and the promotion. That sucks man.

    Then a firmware update came and I thought, "no way can this be ICS." And it wasn't, and the tablet was no better off. Then a firmware update came for the camera... big deal. Then, after another firmware update started, I began to get excited because it was taking so long. It must be big and big is good in this case. I bet I turned to my wife 20 times and said "no way ice cream sandwich comes out three days early does it?" For some reason I thought it was coming on or after the 12th. Finally I jumped on her iPad 2 and Googled and saw an announcement that it was indeed out.

    Now I was jazzed. I mean, wasn't ICS supposed to be the key that unlocked this beast anyway? Wasn't it the final, huge piece of this puzzle? Well let me tell you something: it was. My DroidX can't stay connected to the house wifi out in the garage reliably, my Prime now maintains 25-30% out there. And inside? Its perfect all over the place, toaster or not.

    Its twice as fast as when I took it out of the box and I even went back to the stock browser, its quite snappy. Also, I was flying around the Market literally as fast as my fingers could go. There is NO delay on anything in this tablet. It downloads as fast as the internet will allow and it installs apps in the blink of an eye. Everything feels instant and my socks are blown off. This is the tablet I was hoping for when I clicked Submit those long two months ago. It really I don't like putting it down, I sit and think up things to do with it or just random stuff I want to Google. StumbleUpon is so fast on this thing! I love it.

    I can't comment on audio or GPS as those are two things I don't care about in a tablet. Although my Acer Iconia puts out some freakin' good sound. Also, I wrote this review on the tablet itself and with Thumb Keyboard installed, it was a pleasure.