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  • jayday - Yes, the end, the end....I understand why many readers are unhappy with the end. And it could have been different, or better. But I still give Ms. Flynn five stars as she writes the kind of novels I like. They are driven by plot and character, and they tell the story without adding lots of description and unnecessary detail. And the plot WAS interesting throughout with excellent pacing.
  • L. Stern - Recommended by my doctorMy doctor recommended this brand as the best one to take to aid digestion and get all the good benefits of probiotics. I have had no negative effects from it.
  • Heather in North Carolina - Hey! What does Rick Steves say?I bought the 2013 right before an early December 2012 trip to Paris and it became the 'guidebook' of choice for our traveling group to Paris. Between the six of us, we had several different guidebooks but based on my previous history with Rick's books - I knew this is the one I wanted to have. It quickly became a 'joke' in our group to ask what Rick Steves had to say about where we were. The reference materials for getting around Paris were great (opening times, what was open on Monday, what was closed for 2013) but the tours within the books of the several museums and different neighborhoods were awesome. It helped us quickly get around the Louvre and help us find the little off the wall places (we had lunch at the cafe featured in Amelie thanks to this book). It also helped us figure out a few mistaken assumptions before we mis-spent valuable time getting to the wrong place. (Jim Morrison is not buried in Montmartre cemetery but Pere Lachaise cemetery.) Take this book with you!
  • Alan Lorimer - Incredible Program!Plenty of food! No starvation plan here and that's what makes it so amazing when the pounds start falling off! The only catch? You have to follow it as presented and you have to stay on it for the full 28 day!! I lost 14# and I have a lot more to go so I'm going to stay on it until I lose another 80!! I tried so many diets I've lost count, but this isn't like all the programs of calorie counting and what you can't eat! It's an amazing plan that has you eating real food and not counting calories or points or whatever?! Try it and find out for yourself, all you have to lose is the fat that won't leave your mid section!