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  • Rafael Izquierdo "Ral" - Excelent serviceThe book and its content were my choosing and it would be unfair(good or bad) to rate the merchant from my experience with it.
    For my part the shopping experience was great and the product (book)is commendable. Protective packing perfect and it was delivered on time.
    Good work Amazon!
  • Juniper "Juniper" - remarkable laptopexcellent performance for the price, very pleased with this purchase. Windows 8 and touchpad have tablet responsive features for scrolling or zooming in /out
  • D. Goetz - Beautifully written, laugh out loud funny, achingly poignantA great read,I could not put it down. The last chapter, entitled "Beautiful Ruins," deserves to be read more than once. It manages to resolve the stories of many of the characters, while at the same time introducing new ones in brief but compelling and moving paragraphs. Very well done, and a book I highly recommend.
  • Kristin - Leave it to Ted DekkerMy daughter is a huge fan of Ted Dekker, so when this book became available to me, although I was skeptical, I went on her recommendation that it "must" be good.
    I sat down to read it, knowing I only had an hour or so of free time...and suddenly realized the day had passed and I was halfway through! The book drew me in and took me on a ride that I did not expect. I had no previous knowledge of the book (other than the author), and no idea what it was about.
    It's a fast moving, easy reading story about a daughter of a politician...some very shady business deals...a terrible car accident...lies, tricks, shadows and mirrors...her unexpected ESP gift (or is it a curse?), and her journey to find the truth. I don't want to give away too much about the book (and certainly not the ending), but I must say that this was a great choice and I owe my daughter kudos for the tip! (My daughter is 19, and has been a Dekker fan for many years.)
    While the book has a Christian slant, it is not shoved down your throat, nor is it some sort of propaganda piece.
    This is a great choice for teens and adults alike.
    If you've never read Ted Dekker, this will hook you...if you have, you're already hooked...