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  • K. Hadley - Awesome and convenient!I bought two of these chairs for our twin girls. We were just going to use them for travel but I think we've found our new high chairs! They fit easily onto our counter top and table, are comfortable for the babies, and fold up nice and easy. Our girls are almost 5 months and have no problem sitting in these seats. I highly recommend this seat.
  • Keeka - AMAZINGThe First-Aid 2011 book (which shipped extremely fast in December 2010) is an amazing supplement to any basic sciences curriculum aimed at preparing medical students for the USMLE step 1. It contains important information on the exam and a good compilation of high-yield topics to focus on and knowledge to reaffirm.
  • Yoga and Yorkies - Still ScaredThe author came up with a very clever way to tell this story. You know from the beginning that she was kidnapped, and you know that somehow she was saved as each chapter is a session with her "shrink." And yet there is tension and suspense until the very end of the book. I was totally surprised by the ending, and yet I realized the foreshadowing was there. I was completely afraid for the heroine until the very end. Great summer read if you don't mind having your hands shake at the beach.
  • Chen Sun "WebAndNet.com" - An excellent book, but....This is probably the best book I've seen on posture. Fully illustrated with great photos.

    I believe it has a weakness though. Chairs and desks are mostly artificial inventions, and people did not evolve to sit for hours daily. The first step for author should be to evaluate the chairs and desks, and then implement proper sitting procedures for proper chairs. Instead, author tends to support that people can be "trained and toughened up" to posture manage one's activities.

    A terrific book on understanding posture.