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  • Carol Toscano - It was easy being green with Jim Henson's talentJim Henson is one of the most beloved figures of the 20th century. And Kermit the Frog is the most wonderful character ever created from Jim's distinctive imagination. His death in 1990 at the too young age of 53 was a significant loss to the world and I remember crying when I learned of it (I cried again during the funeral portion of this book). It was one of those "where were you when" moments of life.

    Although Jim was known early on for his work on behalf of children's programming, he had a bigger vision for himself, which he accomplished with some of the later-ish works like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. Sesame Street came out when I was in kindergarten in 1969. By the time I went to high school, the Muppet Movies and the Muppet Show were in full force (who didn't LOVE Pigs in Space?) (Or Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker?) (Or Waldorf and Statler heckling from the balcony?). The Muppet Show came on in the evening and appealed to adults as much, if not more so, than to children. And the guest stars were phenomenal (I am particularly fond of the Sylvester Stallone episode). Jim Henson was a pioneer of puppetry even though the art form was fully established because he innovated some of the more technical aspects of modern puppetry and he produced a humanity in his characters through emotion and human mannerisms. It seems, he also kept his own humanity and avoided a lot of the attendant difficulties that go along with fame. He went the extra mile to provide an environment of camaraderie for the puppeteers he worked with. It seemed like he really loved the work he did and it translated fully to us, the viewers.

    I especially enjoyed reading about the evolution of the characters from humble beginnings (an old coat as Kermit, for example) to their rise as mega stars of the big and little screens (this could have been called "Behind the Puppets"). It's interesting that even though the characters have survived Henson's passing and continue to have a place in the entertainment world, some of the magic Henson brought to the table was definitely lost with his death. Henson was, in a way, a game changer in that his art was instantly appealing to a multi-generational audience. He was an artist of the highest magnitude if you can actually grasp the full scope and impact of his work on a larger level. I'm not sure I can. For example, there is a character on a youtube series called Nonna Maria (it's a Henson-like puppet Italian grandmother character). The reason I mention this is because of the Muppet-like qualities Nonna has. In Nonna Maria, I can feel Jim Henson's presence and influence. If you're a Muppet fan, I urge you to view at some of the segments.

    On the flip side, the author, Brian Jay Jones, lightly discusses Henson's darker side - specifically his marital infidelity and often withholding nature - but doesn't spend significant time expanding on these themes, possibly due to the fact Jim's family supported the work and thus had some opinions/control over the use of that type of information. These brief revelations were surprising but not shocking. Alas, they are a part of the story too.

    I can't fully express what an impact Jim Henson had on my formative years. I was in the original demographic for the first season of Sesame Street and later, an avid viewer of the movies and TV show. While the newer material isn't as good as the Jim Henson body of work, it is a part of the larger story of Henson's legacy and contribution to an art form. This is a very large book but it doesn't feel so because the content - through the author's superb research and writing skills - is fast moving and interesting throughout. I finished it in less than a week.

    If you are as much of a Henson disciple as I am, please read this amazing look into Jim Henson's world.
  • JK - Cured!!!!When I picked up this book, I had daily, chronic diarrhea for about 14 months. I had lost 30 pounds over the course of the 14 months. Doctors and GI experts were unable to help. I tried eliminating dairy, gluten, etc. all to no avail. I started the intro diet October 30, 2012. 8 days later my diarrhea stopped. Since then I have noticed bowel improvements daily. The diet is very tough but it's worth it! Follow the protocol and you can be healed!
  • Butterfly777 - guarding your Brother's purityThis book is very beneficial if your looking for an upfront, inside look of what guys really think and how they tick. Some subjects touched in FYWO I knew of - because I am blessed that my dad has always been straight and upfront with me on guy issues - but only to a certain degree. Like me some things (being a girl) may shock you but it is how guys are made, and half the time (mostly in our ignorance) we have a responsibility in what occurs. I was especially thankful that the quotes and statistics came from real life guys not just some fixed survey. I totally Recommend this book if you truly want to help guard not only your purity but that of the opposite sex.
  • Lawana Kamulda "LawanaK" - love this book!This is a great book if you're trying to lose weight but find yourself in situations where you can't eat healthy. This book shows you the better choice at most major restaurants in America. It also changes your view of 'diets'. It's an essential tool to weight loss, and i keep a copy in my purse.
  • Gina Zetmeir-Stephens - Worth every dimeI so enjoyed Jessica Alba's take on "natural" living. She covered shopping, cooking, cleaning, homemaking, beauty, and style all in natural, healthy style. This young lady knows what's going on. I especially loved the "Inspiration" chapter where Jessica shared a few of her own projects and philosophies.